Architects – Broken Cross

I have to admit I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Architects album, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together‘, so you can imagine how happy I was when they finally released their new video for ‘Broken Cross‘, the second single from their upcoming album.

Broken Cross‘ is a snarling piece of metalcore, delivered with the passion we’ve come to expect from the Brighton quartet.

Watch the video below:

RC xx


August Burns Red New Video ‘Count It All As Lost’

Now you probably know that I love a good lyric video, and the ones being released just seem to get better and better. Honestly, sometimes its hard to tell what’s a promo video and what’s a lyric one now! This new video from hardcore rockers August Burns Red for ‘Count It All As Lost’ might fall into the latter column, but the amazing graphics would be passable for a Korn video..

Check it out below:

RC xx

New Music Monday: Stone Sour – Do Me A Favour

Yes, so I’m a little slow at getting on this one. Maybe as I haven’t heard it yet, you haven’t either though? The amazing Stone Sour, featuring Corey Taylor from Slipknot have released a creepy, animated video for ‘Do Me A Favor’, taken from their new album ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2’, which is out now!

The video is something of a cross between Sin City and Fearless Vampire Killers (the band, not the film..), plus a few zombies / explosions thrown in for good measure.


RC xx

Canterbury Pledgemusic Campaign

Well I mentioned them just a couple of days ago, but now I’ve got some more news for you! Hampshire kids Canterbury have signed a deal with Hassle Records and are following the likes of Bring Me The Horizon in releasing it through a Pledgemusic campaign.

As well as the album, the band are offering fans the chance to pledge for exclusive acoustic house gigs, handwritten lyric sheets and even to appear on the album as part of the backing vocals.

Everyone who pledges will also receive a free copy of the band’s new single ‘You Are The One’, plus a download of their new EP, out later this year and a load of online goodies.

At the time of writing (Tuesday eve) some of the more exclusive options have already sold out, so snap up something fancy while you still can! In the meantime, here’s a quick taster of what’s to come..

Check out Canterbury’s Pledgemusic campaign here.

RC xx

New Music Monday: Enter Shikari ‘The Paddington Frisk’

Right. So Enter Shikari‘s new video for ‘The Paddington Frisk’ is only 1:24 long. That’s a bit weird. Oh, and it seems to be a Japanese TV show featuring a dinosaur hanging itself. Then the band do some strange kind of macarena dance.

Can’t tell if this is the band poking fun at others in the rock music world for taking themselves too seriously, or if frontman Rou Reynolds just woke up with a really crazy idea and then went for it..

I’d like to say something more in-depth about this, but having watched the video 3 times now, I still have no idea what he’s saying for most of it. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that whilst watching, The Jonas Brothers ‘Pom Poms’ came up as a suggested video. So we should all just remember that there are much, much worse things to listen to out there. Right, I’m done. Enjoy:

RC xx

New Track From City and Colour ‘Thirst’

I do miss Alexisonfire. The albums were good. The live shows, sadly I missed out on, but I heard good things about too.


Luckily, singer Dallas Green has graced us with his solo project, City and Colour. The music is as beautiful as the name suggests. I think my favourite, though more than a little depressing, has to be the album ‘Bring Me Your Love’ . There’s some new music from the boy coming soon though, and I’m pleased to hear this little taster of it..

‘Thirst’ is more electronica, but not quite pop in the sense of Owl City. Its much more low-key and relaxed, without losing any of the heartfelt emotion that goes into each track.

Have a listen here..

RC xx


New Music Monday – Escape The Fate ‘You’re Insane’

It’s a bit of a late one tonight, oops! Guess I’ve been having too much fun this bank holiday weekend..
You’d be forgiven for thinking this next track sounds more than a little bit like Papa Roach’s ‘Scars’, with a bigger dose of anger thrown in. I’m not arguing, but this song gets my approval for the awesome guitar solo. Also the irrelevant snake at the beginning. (Honestly, there’s a reason I’ll never move to the desert!).

Luckily, Escape The Fate don’t seem too phased by the scaly reptiles, or the heat blasting out. Which is surprising seeing as they’re definitely not dressed for it. Anyway, it doesn’t stop them rocking out like the best of them!

Check out the new single ‘You’re Insane’ below. It’s out now..

For those of you who don’t know, Escape The Fate are a five piece metal band hailing from the sands of Las Vegas. Their new album ‘Ungrateful’ is out May 14 and they’ll be touring the USA from mid-April. Uk folks,  you can catch them at Download!

RC xx

Man Overboard ‘White Lies’

I WISH I’d heard this song during my teen years. It pretty much sums up my socially awkward attempts at friendships / relationships. (I’m much better now, I promise..)

Man Overboard are a pretty heavy dose of pop-punk, hailing from the depths of Williamstown, New Jersey. The band’s third full-length album, ‘Heart Attack’, featuring the new single ‘White Lies’ is out May 28th on Rise Records.

Have a listen below..

RC xx

New Music Monday: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sleepwalking’

Well after the storming ‘Shadow Moses’ video was released a few weeks ago, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more from Bring Me The Horizon‘s new album ‘Sempiternal’, out April 1. Just to show that the last single wasn’t a fluke, they’ve now released the equally chilling ‘Sleepwalking’.

The video is shot in the snow again, raising the question: did they shoot them all on one snowy day? Anyway, its pretty eerie and features the standard ghostly looking girl wandering about while the band perform to disinterested locals in a community centre-esque bar. Oh, and there’s some random shots of barbie dolls.

Track is awesome though.

You can pre-order Sempiternal from the band’s store here.

RC xx

Frightened Rabbit – ‘Backyard Skulls’

So I have a bit of a thing for Scottish accents. It’s not weird, I promise. I’m half Scottish and there’s just something really homely about them. Anyway, it was this love that made me such a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit in the first place. They played at a venue I was working at and though I couldn’t make the gig, I decided to look them up (based on the name, because I also love rabbits).

As another random fact, I’ve been listening to this band since ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ came out in 2008, but hadn’t actually seen the bands videos up until now. I’d never imagined the singer having a beard. *ahem*

This video for ‘Backyard Skulls’ basically reminds me of every school disco I went to. No-one dancing. Everyone sitting awkwardly on the sidelines. I’m still trying to guess which person I’d be in this. The song is beautifully despairing, like many of the bands song. It’s quite upbeat for them to be honest. Some of their tracks can reduce me to tears in less than 30 seconds. That’s a real feat right there.

If you like this, go check out every (yes, every) video on their Youtube. Do it now. You know you’ve got nothing better to do.

Frightened Rabbit’s fourth album, ‘Pedestrian Verse’ is out now.

RC xx