New Music Monday: Come The Spring

There must be some kind of early-emo / post-hardcore resurgence going out, with so many classic bands on their ten year anniversary tours, plus countless young bands springing up with clear 00s influences. Brighton’s Come The Spring are one of them, echoing the sounds of INME at their most throat-scrapingly angry, with elements of heavier punk thrown in.

The band’s new EP, ‘Revive‘ is out March 11th. Listen to the single, ‘Memory & Resonance‘ below:

RC xx


Mt. Wolf – Red

It’s always the dream for your favourite band to return from hiatus, isn’t it? Whilst we might fall asleep dreaming of the return of some of our heroes (*cough* Hell Is For Heroes *cough*), Mt. Wolf are not one to keep their fans disappointed. The London collective have returned after a year of absence with the breathtakingly beautiful ‘Red‘. Think long, ambient melodies and a low-key, hushed vocal.

Have a listen below..

RC xx