Alice In Chains New Single ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’

I know I normally post about classic rock tunes on a Friday, but seeing as this is the legendary Seattle grunge band Alice In Chains, I think I can make an exception! The band have released a stream of their new track ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’, which is out now.

Have a listen below!

RC xx


Review: Green Day – Brixton Academy 21/08/13

Although Green Day‘s music has been alive and well in the UK, with their musical coming to our shores last winter, its been a long time since the band actually set foot in a venue around here.

That explains the excitement over tonight’s performance. Brixton Academy being a relatively small venue for a band that have sold out the Emirates stadium, its clear why the ticket price (a steep ¬£40) hasn’t deterred the fans.

Starting off on a high note, Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody pours out through the speakers before the band’s drummer, Tre Cool appears onstage, dressed as a rabbit.

Theatrics aside, the band put on a good show. Launching into their more recent hits, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ recieve a resounding applause from the audience.

what follows is an inspiring story from frontman Billie Joe, about his experience of drug use and getting clean. The opening rant about being hounded by cameras, though, is more worrying than uplifting.

The trio then bravely decide to play the whole of their first album, ‘Dookie’. This, being based on it being nearly the 20th anniversary of the record’s release, means that many of the audience members are not actually aware of the tracks.

The stongest moments of the record, primarily the singles ‘Minority’ and ‘Basket Case’ go down well, but the show begins to drag and many in the seating area are making full use of it.

It comes as a relief when Billie Joe signifies the end of that section of the performance, with the emergence of a t-shirt gun. Firing off the last item into the audience, the band return to top form.

The epic ‘St Jimmy’ is the band’s choice for an encore, receiving a full and joyful appreciation from the fans. With the thunderous applause that follows, it seems the band are back on track at last.

RC xx

New Music: Reckless Love – So Happy I Could Die

Isn’t it nice to see a band that don’t take themselves too seriously? With all the pouting, dark stares and angsty videos you see nowadays, its good that there are still some bands out there who just want a bit of fun!

With that, I bring you the new music video from Finland’s Reckless Love, ‘So Happy I Could Die’. Enjoy!

RC xx

The Calling – For You

So here’s my pick for today, its an actually an old(ish) track – ‘For You’ by The Calling. Taken from the Daredevil soundtrack (great songs, not such a great film..) it was one of my favourites back in the day.
What’s inspired this week’s pick is the saddening news that the band’s vocalist, Alex Band was assaulted and held at gunpoint on Sunday. Even though I’ve never met the guy, having spent my teen-years loving the band, I still feel some kind of connection to him.
Anyway, my thoughts are with him and his family..

RC xx

AFI Release New Single ’17 Crimes’ And Announce Album Release

So AFI have carried on with the single releases, one after the other.. We had ‘I Hope You Suffer’ just the other week and now they’ve put the track for ’17 Crimes’ out. Its an interesting way of building up to the album I guess? I wonder if we’ll have all the tracks out by the release date for ‘Burials’?

Anyway, this one’s still not convinced me to pre-order the album (out October 22nd) yet, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it..

Any thoughts on the single?

RC xx

Placebo New Lyric Video ‘Too Many Friends’

Have to say, I’ve loved Placebo a long time. ‘Too Many Friends’ may not quite live up to the band’s previous work (in my opinion, anyway), but that’s not to say the new album won’t be great!

According to the band’s facebook, there’s something new coming on Tuesday..

RC xx

Asking Alexandria Live Video ‘Run Free’

So if you, like me, missed out on Asking Alexandria at Brixton Academy in January (in my defence, I was stranded at home because of the snow!), you can see exactly what an amazing show it was in their new video for ‘Run Free’, filmed live at the gig. To be honest, there’s a few too many up-the-guitar shots for my liking, but other than that, it looks pretty epic: