BlackWolf – Moving Mountains

Happy Monday all! If you’re not recovering from Glasto (anyone see Metallica? I didn’t..), there’s a top rock tunes here up for your listening pleasure. Bristol’s rock’n’roll enthusiasts BlackWolf have already been picked as a track of the week from Classic Rock, in the same issue as their fellow blues-tinged-rockers Rival Sons. If that isn’t enough to convince you, they’ve been hitting the road with the likes of The Answer, and have a show lined up in Bristol next month with (one of my personal favourites) Reckless Love.

Still not enough? Have a listen to this..

RC xx


Charlie Simpson – Haunted

Well it seems like everyone is going acoustic these days! Following Frank Turner’s footsteps, Jamie Lenman (of Reuben fame) went acoustic/heavy on us, and now Charlie Simpson (of Fightstar, and yes I’m going to say it, Busted) has done the same.

Taking a more pop side, Charlie’s latest single ‘Haunted‘ is a snappy piece of acapella-based indie-pop with a touching message. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you definitely should..

RC xx

Pavilions – Futures

Post-hardcore quintet Pavilions have already honed their skills on the live side with the likes of Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis, and are now cementing their refreshingly positive sound on their upcoming new album ‘The Futures Mine To Make‘.

New single ‘Futures‘ features a carefully crafted melodic intro, followed by a full-on rock chorus with some clear influences from album producer Dan Lancaster’s previous work with Don Broco. With such a strong sound, these guys are sure to be doing headline tours of their own in no time..

RC xx

Introducing: Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

Has a whole week gone by so fast?! Sorry folks, I’ve been busy in the non-digital world. Anyway, back to normal service, at least for a while..

Those of you who are fans of The Wonder Years (the pop-punk band, not the television series) should definitely already know about frontman Dan Campbell’s new project, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. Based on the sad tale of fictional character Aaron West, debut album ‘We Don’t Have Each Other’ is out on July 8th.

Watch the official video for first single ‘Divorce and the American South‘ below..

RC xx

Theory of a Deadman – Drown

Well about this time last year I was enjoying that post-festival shower (you’ve never felt so clean, right?) and first sleep in a proper bed again. Unfortunately I couldn’t make Download this year, but that’s ok because I’ve had plenty of stomping rock tunes to listen to all weekend, without the overpriced beer / poor weather and inevitable sunburn, even though there’s no sun.

What am I saying? Of course I missed it, but here’s a great new video from Theory of a Deadman to make up for it.. ‘Drown‘, taken from the band’s upcoming fifth album’ SaVages‘, has more than a few echoes of Soundgarden, plus some much harder hitting tones hiding in those brief four minutes.

Don’t you go missing out now..

RC xx

Linkin Park – Until It’s Gone

Well I couldn’t let today go by without covering this one.. THE soundtrack to your teenage angst, Linkin Park have released the video for ‘Until It’s Gone‘, taken from their new album ‘The Hunting Party‘, out June 17th.

As much as the band have talked about reinventing their sound, this is clearly a Linkin Park song, and not purely because of Chester Bennington’s strained (in a good way) vocals. If anything, its a follow on from 2021’s ‘Living Things’ in terms of the stadium sound, with a more mature perspective.

Watch it now!

RC xx

Indie Wednesday: Coasts – Ocean

Is it that time of the week already? I think it is! Here’s a perfect summer tune to get you ready for those late nights / early mornings and parties on the beach..

Coasts have just released their brand new EP ‘Ocean‘, featuring the single of the same name. Have one listen and you’ll most likely have it on repeat for the rest of the day / week / your life. Yes, it is THAT catchy.


RC xx

Introducing: Dog, Paper, Submarine

Well indie Wednesday has coming rolling round again, and this time there’s one band that just can’t be ignored.. Dog, Paper, Submarine might have you wondering what on earth actually links those words together (could they be more similar in the band’s native Swedish? I don’t know), but their noise pop sound is much less confusing and definitely quite enjoyable.

The three piece have just released their self-titled EP, which is available on Bandcamp for a mere £2.50 (and right after payday as well!). Have a listen below..

RC xx

Introducing: MOVIE

Blurring the lines between the art-rock tendencies of Franz Ferdinand and the upbeat catchiness of Vampire Weekend, Brit-pop band MOVIE have certainly put their art college years to good use with their striking new video for ‘Ads‘. The band have already picked up some great support from Radio 1, 6music and XFM, with their single launch party hitting London’s Old Blue Last this Wednesday.

Don’t miss out, have a listen below!

RC xx