Film Review: The Hobbit

For whatever reason, I didn’t manage to get to the cinema when The Hobbit was on. It’s a shame because, being a huge fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ trilogy (and the books, I read the books first..). Its one of those films that is so visually epic that its worth seeing on the big screen, even if cinema prices are on the same level as public transport in being grossly overpriced.

The films tells the story of a younger Bilbo Baggins, his first meeting with Gandalf and the adventure which lead to his discovery of the ‘one ring’. Martin Freeman is the perfect choice for Bilbo, he has the quaint, small town look about him, whilst being full of wonder, and terror at the world outside.

If you’ve watched The Lord of the Rings as much as I have, you’ll find the scenes a little repetitive. The passage through the mountains before Moria just swaps snow for rocks, and there’s a point where the scenery is recognisable as part of Rohan, when its not supposed to be. The soundtrack is too familiar as well, what was subtle in the trilogy becomes too obvious in this prequel, i.e. you start to realise, this is the sound for the ring, this is the sound for The Shire..

The effects are well done, and its a nice touch having the Elves looking noticeably younger. Radagast the brown wizard is also a brilliant new addition. There’s a few good scenes, particularly involving trolls, but its not until the party reaches Moria that it really starts to take hold. Gollum is fantastic as always, particularly in a more human light, for a few brief moments.

If you’re a fan of the trilogy, you’ll probably like this film. Let’s just hope the future two films move in a more original direction.

RC xx



Film: The Runaways

Tonight I’ve been having a quiet night in, watching The Runaways. The film, starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning is based on the early life of Joan Jett (played pretty well actually, by Stewart) and her first band The Runaways.

It’s quite a good insight into the lives of bands in the 1970s, particularly the rise of female bands in rock and working the publicity machine. Not to mention the soundtrack is amazing. Its definitely inspired me to check out some of The Runaways and Joan Jett’s early work.. Especially for tracks like this:

RC xx

Alternative Christmas Films

I’ve never been a fan of the standard cheesy Christmas films (especially the rom-coms..), but there’s a few festive(ish) movies that I wouldn’t mind watching. Here’s my pick of the best alternative Christmas films on offer.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I’ve never been quite sure whether this is a Christmas film, or a Halloween one (to be honest, I watch it on both). Still, it had to be in this list as its a spooky-but-sweet  tale from the amazing Tim Burton.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

A really chilling Finnish film, set in the Korvatunturi mountains, Lapland. Days before Christmas, some diggers discover a body, encased in ice under the mountain. As they dig it out, the reindeer disappear and only a little boy seems to guess what’s going on. Definitely one to watch if you want a different perspective on Santa..


Die Hard

I don’t think I need to explain the plot, or the fact that its clearly not a traditional Christmas film. It is set as the festive time though.


The Hogfather

I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan, so am always interested when there are adaptations of his books. This cheery one follows ‘Death’ as he observes the people of Ankh Morpork  during their celebration of Hogswatch, but something is very wrong.


RC xx