New Music Monday: Fort Hope – Time Is The Rope

I saw Fort Hope at Camden Underworld last Wednesday supporting Fearless Vampire Killers and was pretty blown away by how amazing they are. These guys are pretty straight up melodic post-hardcore (melodic is my favourite word of the moment) and they’re just great really.

They’ve got a new single ‘Control’, which is out soon and have just started a new UK tour with We Are The In Crowd.

‘Time Is The Rope’ shows off a bit more of their ’emotional’ side, with a brief nod to The Early November and is one of the tracks that they performed beautifully at the Underworld. Its pretty brave doing a slow number when you’re the support act, but they pulled it off really well.

Check it out below:

RC xx


Quick ramble.. How not to dye your hair blonde

(I like to pull weird faces while I’m blogging..)

Right, I’m aware this is primarily a music blog, but its Sunday so I’m going for my usual ramble.

I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde for quite some time now. Before that, I tried most colours you can imagine – brunette, black, black blue, pink, red, purple.. to name a few!

I finally settled on blonde and haven’t looked back really, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t experimented a little with different dyes. Basically, blonde is bad for your hair. It really is. I’ve had awful moments where I’ve had to have loads of it cut off because its completely dead. I’ve had to dye is back to brown (which I hated) just so I could avoid the bleach for a bit, but I keep going back.

Anyway, here’s a few tips from me to you if you’re considering doing the same thing.

1. If you find a shade you like, stick with it. Its much, much easier if you keep using the same dye. Firstly. your hair will be the same shade. Secondly, you won’t suddenly end up with grey hair by accident. Trust me, this can happen.

2. Easy on the straighteners.  You’re already seriously damaging your hair. It WILL go straw-like if you carry on. Give it a break on the bleach or the heat, it can’t handle both.

3. Invest in some pretty hefty conditioner. I’ve tried out a few and stuck with Soap and Glory’s Glad Hair Day. I credit it with the fact that my hair actually feels soft and not horrific right now.

4. Hair masks. Yes, you’re already being good with the conditioner. But once a week, especially after dyeing, you should really leave an intensive conditioner on for a good hour. You don’t need to if your hair is feeling good, but if its a bit rough round the edges, definitely worth a try!


That’s all for now loves. Speak tomorrow.

RC xx

Friday Classic – Hundred Reasons ‘If I Could’

For those of you who are acquainted with Farnborough’s post-hardcore heroes Hundred Reasons, you’ll probably be aware that their most popular track is ‘Silver’, not ‘If I Could’. If you’re really well acquainted with them though, you’ll know that this has to be their biggest hit with their most hardcore fans.

I’ve heard this song sung back to them over and over again at festivals and gigs, it’s always the one that goes down the best. Having seen them not so long ago on their brief return to touring with Hell Is For Heroes, it was this song that I was waiting for.

It’s proof that a simple song, with real feeling can have more impact and resonance than the most complicated, perfected pieces from other bands. Not if only these guys were still going..

If you’re a fan of this, its worth checking out some of the member’s current project, Freeze The Atlantic. It’s all good stuff..

RC xx

New Video From Young Kato ‘Something Real’

Does anyone remember that Funeral For A Friend series of videos from a while back? The ones with a man and woman whose faces were covered in cloth? This video from indie kids Young Kato (they really are young!) reminds me a bit of it. Which isn’t a bad thing.

The video for ‘Something Real’ follows lead singer Tommy Wright as he’s unceremoniously dragged through towns and onto the coast by a never ending rope, with his bandmates featuring in cameo roles. The track is a catchy little number, and a pretty good one for the finally-here summer, so its definitely worth a listen.. Check it out below:

RC xx

New Music Monday: Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes (Explicit)

I usually try to avoid featuring the same bands, single after single, but I’m making an exception here. Fall Out Boy are continuing their, quite frankly, amazing rejuvenation with a bizzare new video for ‘Young Volcanoes’.

The track has an almost calypso beat, playfully floating along and marring hugely with the disturbing imagery. It’s somewhere between a eclectic pop-up dinner and Queens of the Stone Age‘s video for ‘Sick Sick Sick’.

‘We’ve already won’ sings Patrick Stump. Its true, they have. With songs like this, I won’t be the only one welcoming them back with open arms.

Check it out (if you’re over 18!) below:

RC xx

Film Review: The Hobbit

For whatever reason, I didn’t manage to get to the cinema when The Hobbit was on. It’s a shame because, being a huge fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ trilogy (and the books, I read the books first..). Its one of those films that is so visually epic that its worth seeing on the big screen, even if cinema prices are on the same level as public transport in being grossly overpriced.

The films tells the story of a younger Bilbo Baggins, his first meeting with Gandalf and the adventure which lead to his discovery of the ‘one ring’. Martin Freeman is the perfect choice for Bilbo, he has the quaint, small town look about him, whilst being full of wonder, and terror at the world outside.

If you’ve watched The Lord of the Rings as much as I have, you’ll find the scenes a little repetitive. The passage through the mountains before Moria just swaps snow for rocks, and there’s a point where the scenery is recognisable as part of Rohan, when its not supposed to be. The soundtrack is too familiar as well, what was subtle in the trilogy becomes too obvious in this prequel, i.e. you start to realise, this is the sound for the ring, this is the sound for The Shire..

The effects are well done, and its a nice touch having the Elves looking noticeably younger. Radagast the brown wizard is also a brilliant new addition. There’s a few good scenes, particularly involving trolls, but its not until the party reaches Moria that it really starts to take hold. Gollum is fantastic as always, particularly in a more human light, for a few brief moments.

If you’re a fan of the trilogy, you’ll probably like this film. Let’s just hope the future two films move in a more original direction.

RC xx


Friday Classic – The Cure ‘Burn’

So, like any other teenaged wannabe Goth, I watched The Crow with a love bordering on obsession. That’s one of my first reasons for loving The Cute. (Because, for those of you who don’t know, they feature quite prominently on the soundtrack ).
Secondly was the fact that, unlike all the ‘cool’ northern bands, The Cure are from my own homeland of Surrey. Guildford to be precise.
Here’s the video:

RC xx

New Video From Malefice ‘V’

I think its about time I posted some new music on here! It’s been very news-centric lately. To be honest, I almost went with some news today, which I’m just going to chuck in now instead. California rockers AFI are back! Check their website ( for more details.

Anyway, on to the music.. Reading metallers Malefice (who I’ve seen more than a few times in my local venues!) have just released a new video for ‘V’, from their new album ‘Five’, out on April 28. The video showcases the bands powerful live shows and, whilst storming through the fist-clenching track. Expect good things from these guys..

Check it out:

RC xx

Music News: Your Demise Are Splitting Up!

Well there’s a cold chill in the air today. No, its not the unwelcome return of Winter (we only just got rid of that!). Its the news that British quintet Your Demise have called it a day after four years of rocking their way around the world. Here at RC HQ we’ll be sad to see them go, but glad that they’re ending this on their own terms, and on good terms with each other.

The boys have left us with this (cleverly put together) message:

Sad times..

RC xx

Book Review: Davey Havok’s ‘Pop Kids’

Being a pretty big AFI fan, I was really excited to read the lead singer, Davey Havok‘s debut novel ‘Pop Kids’. To summarise, its the story of the young famed-obsessed Michael Massi, a self-proclaimed straight edge vegan growing up in a small town in California. Rebelling against his meat eating Italian parents, Christian neighbours and outcast social status, he sets up film nights in an abandoned theatre, dreaming of propelling himself to the heights of reality TV stars and the bright lights of LA.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who began reading this and immediately thought of Havok writing himself as the lead. Written in first person, its hard to differentiate the character’s thoughts from that of the author. The references to AFI’s lyrics are also easy to spot (for those of us who’ve listened enough), the Phoenix Theatre, the ‘candle wax and dried up flowers’.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t find the lead character likeable. I found him increasingly unlikeable. Without giving away too much of the plot, his judgements on women, criticising a friend’s girlfriend for refusing to perform OJ (oral joy, as he calls it..), then his obsession with the vegan blonde Becca, who he admires for her purity, whilst applauding Stella for her impurity. It’s vaguely hypocritical. Oh, and the constant referencing to clothing brands. Not being American, many times I had to Google the name, just to find out which item he was actually referring to.

Havok’s music taste, I’ll allow without judgement. Michael’s neverending quest for fame though, just feels cheap. I want him reach into the book and ask him why he needs it so much. Why he’s risking everything he has for it. Why he’s so devoted to the vapid Stella.

Feeling worlds apart from Michael, its hard for me to understand his goals. He grew up with the LA stars on the horizon, I grew up with the faint glow of London. Perhaps I’m simply more grounded in reality. Perhaps some are just born with loftier ambitions. Either way, the dissosociated youth presented in the novel is quite detached from my own experience. I can imagine his world exists, somewhere. Maybe at the parties I wasn’t invited to, amongst the ‘cool’ kids that I never fitted with.

It was a great relief when I read that the author doesn’t see himself as the lead either. I’m afraid I was starting to pass judgement on him, based on the character. However, its done nothing to deter the idea that I missed out on a lot in my teen years..

RC xx