Quick ramble.. How not to dye your hair blonde

(I like to pull weird faces while I’m blogging..)

Right, I’m aware this is primarily a music blog, but its Sunday so I’m going for my usual ramble.

I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde for quite some time now. Before that, I tried most colours you can imagine – brunette, black, black blue, pink, red, purple.. to name a few!

I finally settled on blonde and haven’t looked back really, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t experimented a little with different dyes. Basically, blonde is bad for your hair. It really is. I’ve had awful moments where I’ve had to have loads of it cut off because its completely dead. I’ve had to dye is back to brown (which I hated) just so I could avoid the bleach for a bit, but I keep going back.

Anyway, here’s a few tips from me to you if you’re considering doing the same thing.

1. If you find a shade you like, stick with it. Its much, much easier if you keep using the same dye. Firstly. your hair will be the same shade. Secondly, you won’t suddenly end up with grey hair by accident. Trust me, this can happen.

2. Easy on the straighteners.  You’re already seriously damaging your hair. It WILL go straw-like if you carry on. Give it a break on the bleach or the heat, it can’t handle both.

3. Invest in some pretty hefty conditioner. I’ve tried out a few and stuck with Soap and Glory’s Glad Hair Day. I credit it with the fact that my hair actually feels soft and not horrific right now.

4. Hair masks. Yes, you’re already being good with the conditioner. But once a week, especially after dyeing, you should really leave an intensive conditioner on for a good hour. You don’t need to if your hair is feeling good, but if its a bit rough round the edges, definitely worth a try!


That’s all for now loves. Speak tomorrow.

RC xx


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