Deftones – Romantic Dreams

So I’ve been a bit of a bad little rocker, haven’t I? I can’t believe I missed this epic single from Deftones when it first came out! ‘Romantic Dreams’ might not be the anthem that ‘Back To School’ is, but its still a classic in the making. Plus there’s a great accompanying video, featuring some impressive late-night skating.

Watch it now..

RC xx


Is it too early for Christmas songs yet?

Its still November, so don’t scream at me if you’re not prepared for the Christmas tunes yet! This isn’t your typical festive cheer type song anyway. ‘I Had A Heart’ from Chicago emo-kids (yep, emo is still going..) Real Friends is a stab against the usual sentimental sweetness that you’ll be hearing on the radio for the next month and a half.. It’s part of the Punk Goes Christmas compilation, which is out now.

Happy not-quite-Holidays!

RC xx

Hawk Eyes New Video ‘Cheap’

So its Thursday. We’re over the hump day. Let’s celebrate with a bit of Hawk Eyes, shall we? It’s a little bit screamy, so be warned if that’s not your taste.

I actually saw this band in London a few weeks ago by chance, when a friend had some spare tickets. Needless to say, they did not warn me how screamy it would be. I was not prepared. Lesson learned – in the future, look up the band BEFORE you go see them live. I know now..

Anyway, enjoy!

RC xx

Jimmy Eat World – The Forum 08/11/2013

Jimmy Eat World The Forum

Its Friday night and the weekend has clearly begun for the packed crowd at The Forum tonight. Its not just the day of the week that’s bringing such good cheer to the gig-goers though, they’re preparing themselves for the euphoric pop-punk tones of tonight’s headliners, Jimmy Eat World.

This is a band that truly knows how to play to their loyal fans. It must be tempting for any band with a recent release, in this case, their ‘Damage’ EP which came out earlier this year, but the Arizona five-piece wisely choose to delight their audience with the hits from their entire back catalogue.

‘Bleed American’ and ‘Sweetness’ hit the highest notes, with ‘Pain’ and ‘Futures’ not far behind. Calling out the lines “don’t it feel like sunshine after all“, vocalist Jim Adkins could not be more accurate. Bathed in the golden glow of the stage lights, the band really are bringing the summer sun to a cold November night.

Even in their more sentimental moments, ‘Heart Is Hard To Find’ and the tear-jerking ‘Hear You Me’, there’s still a sense of joy that the band have so skilfully turned into their trademark sound.

It is the sound that clearly defines Jimmy Eat World. Few bands have succeeded in being so purely about the music and so little about the image. One reason for the overwhelming feeling of happiness in the audience tonight is that there’s not shoving to get the front, no calling out to specific band members, not even a sea of smartphone holders clicking frantically. These people came here solely for the love of music, and the only way they choose to show it is is with singing and dancing along to every joyful moment.

As the band return from their encore with fan-favourite ‘The Middle’, each crowd member is lost in their only private moment of happiness, singing, dancing, or simply nodding along to every word. It might be the brink of winter in London, but the crowds spilling out of The Forum tonight will have a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts.

RC xx

Sleeping With Sirens – Congratulations

Well its a Thursday, so I think we all need a bit of comedy to get us through this not-quite-Friday-day. Luckily for us, Sleeping With Sirens have that nailed for us with their new video for ‘Congratulations’.

Like bobble heads? Like scary looking grannies? You’ll love this..

RC xx

New Video From Enter Shikari ‘Rat Race’

So if you’re recovering from a pretty heavy night last night, ‘Rat Race’, the new music video from Enter Shikari probably not what you want to be watching. Two reasons why – firstly, its pretty LOUD, secondly, frontman Rou Reynolds seems to have grown a fairly odd looking beard..

Anyway, massive props to the guys from pushing the boat out on techno / rock / whatever genre you’d like to try and class them as. (I’m gonna be honest with you, halfway through the video I paused it, because I thought it must be playing twice in my browser. It wasn’t. That was just the song..).


RC xx