Jimmy Eat World – The Forum 08/11/2013

Jimmy Eat World The Forum

Its Friday night and the weekend has clearly begun for the packed crowd at The Forum tonight. Its not just the day of the week that’s bringing such good cheer to the gig-goers though, they’re preparing themselves for the euphoric pop-punk tones of tonight’s headliners, Jimmy Eat World.

This is a band that truly knows how to play to their loyal fans. It must be tempting for any band with a recent release, in this case, their ‘Damage’ EP which came out earlier this year, but the Arizona five-piece wisely choose to delight their audience with the hits from their entire back catalogue.

‘Bleed American’ and ‘Sweetness’ hit the highest notes, with ‘Pain’ and ‘Futures’ not far behind. Calling out the lines “don’t it feel like sunshine after all“, vocalist Jim Adkins could not be more accurate. Bathed in the golden glow of the stage lights, the band really are bringing the summer sun to a cold November night.

Even in their more sentimental moments, ‘Heart Is Hard To Find’ and the tear-jerking ‘Hear You Me’, there’s still a sense of joy that the band have so skilfully turned into their trademark sound.

It is the sound that clearly defines Jimmy Eat World. Few bands have succeeded in being so purely about the music and so little about the image. One reason for the overwhelming feeling of happiness in the audience tonight is that there’s not shoving to get the front, no calling out to specific band members, not even a sea of smartphone holders clicking frantically. These people came here solely for the love of music, and the only way they choose to show it is is with singing and dancing along to every joyful moment.

As the band return from their encore with fan-favourite ‘The Middle’, each crowd member is lost in their only private moment of happiness, singing, dancing, or simply nodding along to every word. It might be the brink of winter in London, but the crowds spilling out of The Forum tonight will have a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts.

RC xx


Download Weekend

Oops, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I have an excuse though.. I’ve been at Download Festival all weekend!
Aside from the weather (and having to catch a 7am coach home), it was amazing!
Best bands I saw by far were the awesome Rammstein, with a great use of props.. Plus the lovely Jimmy Eat World and it was great to see HIM back on top form.
There were too many other great sets to name them all (but Iron Maiden were obviously another highlight).
Anyways, blogging will return to normal as of tomorrow..
Lots of love..
RC xx


Jimmy Eat World New Single ‘I Will Steal You Back’

I know, its Friday. I normally run a piece on a slightly less-well-remembered artist. However, I’m making an exception this week, simply for this song.

Jimmy Eat World have long been one of my favourite bands. I religiously buy their albums whenever they come out, because I know they’ll always be brilliant. I even decided to run this post today before hearing their new track ‘I Will Steal You Back’.

I have heard it now though, so don’t worry. Its beautiful, hopeful, enduring with the slightest hint of melancholy.Its the perfect soundtrack to a cold, rainy spring that hasn’t begun yet.

Basically, its Jimmy Eat World in a nutshell and its brilliant.

I suggest you drop whatever you’re doing right now and have a listen to this:

FYI They’re playing Download festival this year if you’re going..

Have a great weekend!

RC xx

Get Your Party Started! Tunes for a night out..

Well I’m off out tonight, and I hope you are too! Here’s a few of my favourite rocky (this is a word now) dancefloor anthems. Because there really is nothing better than dancing like an idiot along with some of your closest friends. Or alone in your room. Whatever takes your fancy really!


Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

Back when I was a student, me and my housemate made a name for ourselves at the Uni rock club by spinning around the room every time this song came on. As a result, the DJ played it at every night (this was a monthly thing, otherwise it would’ve gotten old pretty fast). I’ve been told the night just hasn’t been the same since we left.


Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby

This is my favourite song to dance to of all time. Even if there’s no-one on the floor yet, I’ll be the one person braving it if this track comes on. Who cares what anyone else thinks..


Paramore – Misery Business

All personal relevance to the lyrics aside, this is a great track to dance to. Combine that with singing along as loud as you can (as long as no-one can hear you..) and you’ve got yourself a party!


Have a great night whatever you’re doing!

RC xx

Snow day / Friday Classic – Jimmy Eat World

Well I hope everyone’s enjoying the snow as much as I am (if you have any). I’m pretty much stranded at home, so I’ve been busy baking brownies (see below) and catching up on some much-missed TV.

Anyway, here’s my Friday blast from the past (and one of my favourite songs and music videos ever), Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. It’s a song that’s got me through some tough times, and is a classic one to dance round your room to.

What are they up to now?

According to their Facebook, the band are currently recording their 8th studio album (so far unnamed). They’re also playing Download this year, so if you’re planning to go, make sure you don’t miss them!

RC xx