Get Your Party Started! Tunes for a night out..

Well I’m off out tonight, and I hope you are too! Here’s a few of my favourite rocky (this is a word now) dancefloor anthems. Because there really is nothing better than dancing like an idiot along with some of your closest friends. Or alone in your room. Whatever takes your fancy really!


Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

Back when I was a student, me and my housemate made a name for ourselves at the Uni rock club by spinning around the room every time this song came on. As a result, the DJ played it at every night (this was a monthly thing, otherwise it would’ve gotten old pretty fast). I’ve been told the night just hasn’t been the same since we left.


Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby

This is my favourite song to dance to of all time. Even if there’s no-one on the floor yet, I’ll be the one person braving it if this track comes on. Who cares what anyone else thinks..


Paramore – Misery Business

All personal relevance to the lyrics aside, this is a great track to dance to. Combine that with singing along as loud as you can (as long as no-one can hear you..) and you’ve got yourself a party!


Have a great night whatever you’re doing!

RC xx


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