Friday Classic – Reuben ‘Freddy Krueger’

Aldershot trio Reuben went on an indefinite hiatus back in 2008. It seems to be pretty definite, considering there’s been nothing but re-releases from the band since. Having grown up in the Aldershot / Camberley music scene, this break up was pretty disappointing for me. Reuben were local heroes, selling out shows at Christmas, being spotted around town. They inspired many of the (more successful) bands that followed – Hadouken, Enter Shikari, Canterbury..

Starting out more post-hardcore / grunge influenced, the band released their final album of new work, ‘In Nothing We Trust’ back in 2006.  It showed a deeper side to the band, focusing on themes including racism and parental abandonment.

Here’s one of the band’s classic tracks ‘Freddy Krueger’, showcasing their brilliant, self-depreciating humour.


What are they up to now?

Drummer and bassist Guy Davis and Jon Pearce play in Freeze The Atlantic. Singer and guitartist Jamie Lenman works as an illustrator for clients including The Guardian and Doctor Who magazine.


RC xx


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