Friday Classic: Papa Roach ‘To Be Loved’

Who didn’t love a bit of Papa Roach back in the day? (Or now actually, seeing as they’re still going..) ‘To Be Loved’ is definitely a good’un for a night out. Play it now. Play it loud!

RC xx


From The Vault: Incubus ‘Drive’

Ok,so its not a Friday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back in time a little and listen to a tune from not-so-long ago.

Californian rockers Incubus have released quite a few heavy-hitting tracks in their time, but ‘Drive’ is a more ballady number. Its one of those songs you want when you’re feeling a little blue and in need of a pick me up. Also, if you’re interested, their (rather attractive) lead singer Brandon Boyd gets his shirt off in the video. Which is never a bad thing.


RC xx

Friday Classic: Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids

I feel a bit weird about picking this one, seeing as I’ve never experienced what I can only imagine is a truly traumatising experience of watching your parents separate. The heartfelt sentiment behind the song is evident though, its what makes it such a wrenching piece and isn’t that what a good piece of music is all about?

Blink 182 released ‘Stay Together For The Kids’ back in 2001 and based on the constant stream of comments, its stayed in people’s minds since then. What’s lovely is that the band have managed to take their own advice and despite a couple of ‘solo’ projects (Angels&Airwaves and +44), the band are still together and are on tour in the US this September.


All together now ‘so here’s your holiday..’

Have a great weekend loves

RC xx

From The Vault: Gallows ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’

I remember when I first heard Gallows. It was this track, ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’. The raw, angry energy of frontman Frank Carter was immeasurable. This song screamed at me (literally). Its a real shame what happened with this band r.e. the departure of Frank and his joining of Pure Love.

I’m not saying that the continuation of Gallows as they are is a bad thing. I think they’re a great band too. It’s just that there was something about this lineup that was really something special.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s the video for you:

Happy Friday kids!

RC xx

Friday Classic – Hundred Reasons ‘If I Could’

For those of you who are acquainted with Farnborough’s post-hardcore heroes Hundred Reasons, you’ll probably be aware that their most popular track is ‘Silver’, not ‘If I Could’. If you’re really well acquainted with them though, you’ll know that this has to be their biggest hit with their most hardcore fans.

I’ve heard this song sung back to them over and over again at festivals and gigs, it’s always the one that goes down the best. Having seen them not so long ago on their brief return to touring with Hell Is For Heroes, it was this song that I was waiting for.

It’s proof that a simple song, with real feeling can have more impact and resonance than the most complicated, perfected pieces from other bands. Not if only these guys were still going..

If you’re a fan of this, its worth checking out some of the member’s current project, Freeze The Atlantic. It’s all good stuff..

RC xx

Friday Classic – The Cure ‘Burn’

So, like any other teenaged wannabe Goth, I watched The Crow with a love bordering on obsession. That’s one of my first reasons for loving The Cute. (Because, for those of you who don’t know, they feature quite prominently on the soundtrack ).
Secondly was the fact that, unlike all the ‘cool’ northern bands, The Cure are from my own homeland of Surrey. Guildford to be precise.
Here’s the video:

RC xx

Friday Classic: The Ramones ‘Suzy Is A Headbanger’

True story: I once did a University project on The Ramones. Ok, not specifically The Ramones, but punk rock in general. They were one of my main examples though. I even paid homage to the band’s guitarist, Jonny Ramone and bassiest, Dee Dee Ramone at their gravestones in LA’s famous Hollywood Forever cemetery.

This song was a major track in my teenage years though. Mostly from the influence of my older sister (aptly named Suzie). You can probably guess why this became one of her songs of choice.

If you don’t already know who The Ramones are, you’re really missing out. They were one of the seminal punk bands of the 70s, inspiring the likes of The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

Where to start?

There’s plenty of compilation albums to check out. If you’re trying to impress someone though, probably better to start with the band’s original release ‘Ramones’, featuring the awesome tracks ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ and ‘I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend’. Go check it..

RC xx

Friday Classic – Marilyn Manson ‘mOBSCENE’

Before the likes of Black Veil Brides and Aiden (but not so far back that we stray into KISS territory..), there was one name that was synonymous with the white face paint, sharply cut black clothing  and a penchant for girls in latex. Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) reportedly formed the band after a growing dissatisfaction with the music scene he inhabited in his days as a music journalist.

It was a venture that paid off, with Manson becoming one of the iconic figureheads of the early 00s rock music scene. The songs ‘Tainted Love’, ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Beautiful People’ were on the playlists at all the best rock clubs, his stickers were attached to everyone’s backpacks, he even became a national hate figure after the school shooting at Columbine, when it was discovered that the killers were fans. (If you’ve ever watched Bowling For Columbine, you’ll have seen how eloquently and succinctly Manson responded to this).

There may have been a few hurdles along the way, a short-lived marriage to burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, followed by a relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood. The failure of Manson’s protegees Jack Off Jill. But that hasn’t stopped the band, who have a tour lined up with Alice Cooper starting in June. Dates on the band’s website.


RC xx

Sunday Comment: Band Breakups

It’s been a bad week for breakups (not for me, I had no-one to breakup with in the first place!). For bands, I mean. My Chemical Romance and Attack Attack (the UK band) have both called it a day. It’s pretty weird timing, what with the return of Fall Out Boy not that long ago.

I’ve spoken before about band breakups – the reasons, the wasted talent, but its a weird one for MCR. They’ve been successful, been adored by thousands. Its possible that this is more a sign of a hiatus, where at least one band member attempts a solo career, an acting career, an art career? Still, while we wait and see, let’s remember the good times:

RC xx

Friday Classic: Death Cab For Cutie

I remember reading a feature on Death Cab For Cutie a few years back, when they stated that the band’s most memorable song (in my opinion anyway), ‘Transatlanticism’ had been quoted on everyone’s Livejournal at least once. I can see why. It’s probably the best summary of the pains of a long distance relationship that I’ve ever heard.

I guess you might be asking why I haven’t chosen that song for this post. Its partly for the video – the constant travelling really sums up the way I seem to spend my entire life on trains. It’s also the song though. Its much more optimistic, almost in a desperate way, but who hasn’t felt like that?

Oh, plus I love a good intro. This one comes with the extended, four minute (I’m not counting exactly) intro which was, naturally, cut for radio. It’s a bit of a shame really, because I think that four minutes of instrumental is better than some of the music that actually does get played..

RC xx