Friday Classic: Death Cab For Cutie

I remember reading a feature on Death Cab For Cutie a few years back, when they stated that the band’s most memorable song (in my opinion anyway), ‘Transatlanticism’ had been quoted on everyone’s Livejournal at least once. I can see why. It’s probably the best summary of the pains of a long distance relationship that I’ve ever heard.

I guess you might be asking why I haven’t chosen that song for this post. Its partly for the video – the constant travelling really sums up the way I seem to spend my entire life on trains. It’s also the song though. Its much more optimistic, almost in a desperate way, but who hasn’t felt like that?

Oh, plus I love a good intro. This one comes with the extended, four minute (I’m not counting exactly) intro which was, naturally, cut for radio. It’s a bit of a shame really, because I think that four minutes of instrumental is better than some of the music that actually does get played..

RC xx


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