Friday Classic: Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids

I feel a bit weird about picking this one, seeing as I’ve never experienced what I can only imagine is a truly traumatising experience of watching your parents separate. The heartfelt sentiment behind the song is evident though, its what makes it such a wrenching piece and isn’t that what a good piece of music is all about?

Blink 182 released ‘Stay Together For The Kids’ back in 2001 and based on the constant stream of comments, its stayed in people’s minds since then. What’s lovely is that the band have managed to take their own advice and despite a couple of ‘solo’ projects (Angels&Airwaves and +44), the band are still together and are on tour in the US this September.


All together now ‘so here’s your holiday..’

Have a great weekend loves

RC xx


New Music: Palisades – Outcasts

Who loves a good bit of sing-along post-hardcore? I do!

If you feel the same, you’ll most likely love this new single from New Jersey boys Palisades. ‘Outcasts’ is a catchy bit of pop rock, with a great ‘woah’ filled chorus and features the guest vocals of Mr Andy Leo from Crown The Empire. Oh, AND its got a weird, distorted video involving a sandpit. Enough said..

Go on, have a listen. You’ll be singing along in no time..

RC xx

Lonely The Brave ‘Black Saucers’

Happy new music er, Tuesday? Here’s a brilliant bite of straight up rock goodness for you to enjoy this evening.

Lonely The Brave have recently signed to Hassle Records (home of We Are The Ocean, if you didn’t already know..). They’ve also been tipped for success by the likes of Rock Sound, Classic Rock and Kerrang!, which is never a bad thing.

This lyric video for ‘Black Saucers’ should explain why. Neat vocals, good riffs and a definite case of substance over style (I’m sure they have style, you’re missing my point) makes a good band, and by those standards this is a really good band.

Check it out below:

Lots of love,

RC xx

Sunday Comment: I Don’t Really Drink..

I don’t really drink. . .‘ was once a commonly used phrase from myself. It meant, at the time, that I didn’t actually drink at all. For many years, up until the age of nearly 21 in fact, I didn’t drink. Not one drop. It was part of who I was, I was a person that didn’t drink.

It isolated me a bit from my friendship group. Back in my teens, there were parties I wasn’t invited to, because naturally it was assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy it with everyone drinking around me. It was incidents like that this lead me to hide the fact that I was a non-drinker as much as possible.

When I first started Uni, I didn’t tell my friends about my not drinking. I made excuses, I tried to avoid times when they would be drinking. It seemed to be working, but eventually I was outed. They were surprisingly cool about the whole thing, but I always wondered what they really thought.

Had there been some kind of straight-edge movement in South West Surrey, I probably would’ve been part of it. As it happened, my first encounter with someone who identified as straight-edge was an unfortunate one. It was a My Chemical Romance gig in Portsmouth, and I can’t have been more than 16 / 17.

I was drinking a glass of water from a bottle, clearly marked. Seeing a quite sweaty looking boy stood in front of me, I offered him some. He then proceeded to lecture me about the dangers of alcohol, proudly proclaiming how he’d been ‘edge’ for barely a few months.

My response that I’d never drunk alcohol, and that what I was offering him was nothing but water went unnoticed. Later, he attempted to hit on my sister by offering her a slip of paper with his MySpace address on it. Well, it was a good few years ago..

I’m not saying that he was in any way representative of the straight-edge membership. I feel though, that it did very little but explain why people were wary of someone who doesn’t drink. They feel judged for their own drinking. Its a weird situation to go to a bar and drink with someone who isn’t also becoming intoxicated. And if you’re not going to a bar on a Friday night, then where are you going?

My movement into becoming a drinker was accepted without question. It’s almost as if the friends felt it was inevitable. I’ve since tried to quite again, albeit for short periods of time, only to be met with the question ‘why?’.

I’m sure many non-drinkers could provide a hundred answers to that, but shouldn’t the only reasonable one be ‘because I’m choosing to’? It feels like there’s more judgement towards those who inflict this ‘social stigma’ of not drinking than those who take the opposite approach and poison themselves on a regular basis.

Is it so ingrained in our culture that to not drink is the equivalent of making yourself a social pariah? With such an emphasis on healthy living these days, it seems like a change in attitude might be timely..

RC xx

Hello Lazarus New Video ‘Stallions’

Woops, its another late music bite tonight.. I’ve been slacking / rushed off my feet with other things this week. (That’s a poor excuse, I know..)

Anyway, here’s a lovely bit of aural goodness that I hope you’ll enjoy! Bristol kids Hello Lazarus have been compared to a lot of bands that they don’t really sound like. However, they do sound good, so here’s their new video for ‘Stallions’ (which looks, but doesn’t sound White Stripes-esque).


RC xx

Chester Bennington + Stone Temple Pilots – ‘Dead and Bloated’

Yes, you did hear me right. It seems Mr Chester Bennington, of Linkin Park fame has teamed up with Stone Temple Pilots. He’s even surprisingly good at the epic classic rock vocals. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise given that he’s used to screaming away in his regular band outfit, but that’s an impressively deep set of lungs he’s got on him.

Looks like this could be the new lineup for the band, given that they fired vocalist Scott Weiland earlier this year..

Check out Chester’s performance below:

RC xx

Sunday Comment: Oh Camden..

photo (39)

Growing up on the outskirts of London, I always had a fascination with the city. The bright lights, the tall buildings, the people. I’ve been going to gigs here since I was barely 11. By 16 I was old enough to be allowed into the city by myself. I would head up on weekends, hang around Oxford Steet, Leicester Square and, of course, Camden.

Back then Camden was the place to be if you were in any way part of the alternative scene of South East England. All the bands would play the pubs or venues along the main high street, The Purple Turtle, The Electric Ballroom, The Underworld. We’d plan out outfits in advance, smearing on eyeliner and white face powder.

Every goth inspired girl would have a flower from Black Rose. We could spend hours longing after the too-expensive corsets, compromising by buying fishnets and nail varnish instead. Then we’d head to the food alley for cheap noodles and sit out by the quays, trying to pass for locals, but so obviously just tourists. It didn’t matter. Just being there made us feel like the coolest people in the world.

The town had started to change even before the fire. Chain stores like Punky Fish (which I believe was once a single stall like the rest) popped up. The punks who were always out on the bridge started to disappear as the tourists increased. As online shopping grew, there was less of a need for the alternative stores. For the price of a London travelcard, we could get a t-shirt from Attitude Clothing.

Then the fire happened.

Black Rose, once such an iconic store would decrease until it was just another window to pass by. The increase in rent for the stalls would drive out many of the independents. Instead we were left with shops that sold the same clothes under different names.

I walked round the market yesterday, taking it all in. There’s very little left of the things I loved about the place. Save for a couple of vintage finds, there’s nothing there that I couldn’t buy online for less. Most shops fit into a category of either cheap dresses, rock  / London / art t-shirts or prints, with a handful of furniture stores thrown in. Then there’s your standard second-hand books, drug paraphernalia and general tourist stores.

Its nice that the fronts of the high street shops have survived (see the Doc Martens for example), but there’s very little left behind it of the real sense of Camden..

RC xx

From The Vault: Gallows ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’

I remember when I first heard Gallows. It was this track, ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’. The raw, angry energy of frontman Frank Carter was immeasurable. This song screamed at me (literally). Its a real shame what happened with this band r.e. the departure of Frank and his joining of Pure Love.

I’m not saying that the continuation of Gallows as they are is a bad thing. I think they’re a great band too. It’s just that there was something about this lineup that was really something special.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s the video for you:

Happy Friday kids!

RC xx

New Music From Deaf Havana ‘Boston Square’

Have I mentioned how much I like Deaf Havana on here yet? I don’t think I have. Or I haven’t enough. The band’s new single ‘Boston Square’ is a lovely bittersweet piece of audio goodness. Its cheerful enough for a drive in the summer sunshine, but wouldn’t feel too out of place on a rainy day like today either..

The rockers are gearing up to release their new album ‘Old Souls’ this September, with a few choice performances at Slam Dunk festival lined up for the end of this month.

Have a listen here:

RC xx

New Music Monday: Stone Sour – Do Me A Favour

Yes, so I’m a little slow at getting on this one. Maybe as I haven’t heard it yet, you haven’t either though? The amazing Stone Sour, featuring Corey Taylor from Slipknot have released a creepy, animated video for ‘Do Me A Favor’, taken from their new album ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2’, which is out now!

The video is something of a cross between Sin City and Fearless Vampire Killers (the band, not the film..), plus a few zombies / explosions thrown in for good measure.


RC xx