Architects – Broken Cross

I have to admit I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Architects album, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together‘, so you can imagine how happy I was when they finally released their new video for ‘Broken Cross‘, the second single from their upcoming album.

Broken Cross‘ is a snarling piece of metalcore, delivered with the passion we’ve come to expect from the Brighton quartet.

Watch the video below:

RC xx


New Music From Deaf Havana ‘Boston Square’

Have I mentioned how much I like Deaf Havana on here yet? I don’t think I have. Or I haven’t enough. The band’s new single ‘Boston Square’ is a lovely bittersweet piece of audio goodness. Its cheerful enough for a drive in the summer sunshine, but wouldn’t feel too out of place on a rainy day like today either..

The rockers are gearing up to release their new album ‘Old Souls’ this September, with a few choice performances at Slam Dunk festival lined up for the end of this month.

Have a listen here:

RC xx

New Music Monday: Stone Sour – Do Me A Favour

Yes, so I’m a little slow at getting on this one. Maybe as I haven’t heard it yet, you haven’t either though? The amazing Stone Sour, featuring Corey Taylor from Slipknot have released a creepy, animated video for ‘Do Me A Favor’, taken from their new album ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2’, which is out now!

The video is something of a cross between Sin City and Fearless Vampire Killers (the band, not the film..), plus a few zombies / explosions thrown in for good measure.


RC xx

Wednesday Wish List: Arcane Roots’ New Album ‘Blood and Chemistry’

Ooops, its another late one! Well I’m busy busy with moving house at the moment, so not a lot of free time. I’m gonna make this a quick one, so here you go!

The awesome Arcane Roots have already had the seal of approval from the almighty Kerrang! so you can guarantee that this upcoming album ‘Blood & Chemistry’ will be a good’un. If you’re not convinced yet, check out the below:

RC xx

Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Video ‘Sacrilege’

I’ve really missed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They probably haven’t even been away that long, but it always feels like forever. I guess they’re not always the most public of bands and, for me at least, their best work was by far ‘Maps’ which sums up just about every crush I’ve ever had. Not to mention their fan-made video for ‘Cheating Hearts’, which features my hometown in it (briefly).

‘Sacrilege’, the band’s new single continues their indie dance party leanings and pushes it into a more electro sphere (basically, it adds a disco ball). The eerie video features ¬†model / actress Lily Cole, looking very disturbed, but actually says a lot about women in society, if you dig deep enough. As a hint, I’m pretty sure the timeline is backwards.

If you, like me, have yet to see the band live, I suggest you check them out on their upcoming US / UK / Europe tour this Spring. As per usual, dates are available on their Facebook page here. Tell you what, if you go, I’ll go? Is that fair?

Anyway, ‘Sacrilege’ is the first single from the band’s upcoming album ‘Mosquito’, out on April 15. Let’s hope the rest of the songs are this good!

RC xx

Man Overboard ‘White Lies’

I WISH I’d heard this song during my teen years. It pretty much sums up my socially awkward attempts at friendships / relationships. (I’m much better now, I promise..)

Man Overboard are a pretty heavy dose of pop-punk, hailing from the depths of Williamstown, New Jersey. The band’s third full-length album, ‘Heart Attack’, featuring the new single ‘White Lies’ is out May 28th on Rise Records.

Have a listen below..

RC xx

Fearless Vampire Killers New Video ‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’

For anyone who can’t wait for the new Fearless Vampire Killers album (I know I can’t..), here’s a nice teaser for you! The band have just released a new video for the first single off their upcoming second album ‘Exposition: The Five Before The Flames’, a prequel to their debut.

‘Diamond Dust & Crimson Reign’ is more ballady than we’re used to with these guys, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have the same kick-ass chords that we love the band for. Plus the video seems to be following on the plot from their originals, which I absolutely LOVE. Just would like to know a bit more of the storyline..

Anyway, enjoy!

‘Exposition’ is out March 11.

RC xx

Single Review – Paramore – Now

They were four, then they were five, now there are three. Paramore members Josh and Zac Farro (guitarist and drummer respectively) left the band in 2010, claiming the band was being manufacture as a solo project for vocalist Hayley Williams (Source).
It’s hard to ignore this, seeing as the lyrics point to the struggle that the band has been through in the past few years.
Luckily, Paramore have retained their original energy and determination against the odds. ‘Now’ is a good track, it’s catchy, upbeat and has slight Be Your Own Pet influence (which is never a bad thing).
Unfortunately, what is lacking is feeling. Gone are the music progressions made in ‘Brand New Eyes’, this new single is much more of the light rock feel of ‘Riot!’. The chorus draws a few comparisons to ‘Crushcrushcrush’. It relies too heavily on Hayley’s vocals, with not enough backing.
I won’t be making assumptions about the new, self titled album just yet, but let’s hope for something with a bit more kick to it?
RC xx

Bring Me The Horizon Release New Video For ‘Shadow Moses’

Anyone else looking forward to Bring Me The Horizon’s new album ‘Sempiternal’? (I definitely am) What’s more exciting than the album coming out, is the fact that the band are releasing it direct to fans. You can pre-order the album from the band’s Pledgemusic page here.

Out today as well is the band’s new video for ‘Shadow Moses’, the first single from the album. Its amazing. (and well suited for the current blizzard weather). But seriously, you must watch this now. Right now.

RC xx

New Video From Three Days Grace – The High Road

Lyric videos aren’t the most interesting are they? Typically just a screen of words, maybe the new album artwork. I’ve never paid much attention to them.

That’s why its great to see a band doing it differently. Canadian rockers Three Days Grace have just released a lyric video for their new single ‘The High Road’, but its really artfully done, perfectly complementing the angst ridden track. Bands take notice, this is how to do it.

The band’s new album, ‘Transit of Venus’ is out now.

RC xx