Karen O & Ezra Koenig – The Moon Song

So its Valentines day. Maybe you’re having a lovely time with your other half (in which case, get off the internet). Or maybe you’re not, and that’s ok too.

In either case, you can certainly enhance your day with this beautiful piece of music, ‘The Moon Song‘ by Karen O (she of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame) and Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend). It’s on the soundtrack to the film ‘Her’ (2013),but today let it be the soundtrack to your romantic evening, or, if you’re like me, baking chocolate brownies and watching American Horror Story.

Happy commercial-love-fest everyone!

RC xx


Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Video ‘Sacrilege’

I’ve really missed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They probably haven’t even been away that long, but it always feels like forever. I guess they’re not always the most public of bands and, for me at least, their best work was by far ‘Maps’ which sums up just about every crush I’ve ever had. Not to mention their fan-made video for ‘Cheating Hearts’, which features my hometown in it (briefly).

‘Sacrilege’, the band’s new single continues their indie dance party leanings and pushes it into a more electro sphere (basically, it adds a disco ball). The eerie video features ¬†model / actress Lily Cole, looking very disturbed, but actually says a lot about women in society, if you dig deep enough. As a hint, I’m pretty sure the timeline is backwards.

If you, like me, have yet to see the band live, I suggest you check them out on their upcoming US / UK / Europe tour this Spring. As per usual, dates are available on their Facebook page here. Tell you what, if you go, I’ll go? Is that fair?

Anyway, ‘Sacrilege’ is the first single from the band’s upcoming album ‘Mosquito’, out on April 15. Let’s hope the rest of the songs are this good!

RC xx