Taking Back Sunday – Flicker, Fade

Its certainly the week for nostalgia, isn’t it? We’ve had The Used, now we’ve got Taking Back Sunday releasing a video for their new single, ‘Flicker, Fade‘, taken from their new album ‘Happiness Is‘, due out on March 18.

Seems like the former emo-kings have thrown off the sounds of old and embraced – dare I say it – a country tinge, at least if this track is anything to go by. I’m not saying lead singer Adam Lazzara has taken up the banjo, or wearing leather chaps, or given up his trademark vocals for that matter, but there’s definitely something a little more earthy and a lot less skinny-jeaned to this track..

Have a listen for yourselves:

RC xx


The Used – Cry

Well whatever you might say about The Used, or in particular, their lead singer Bert McCraken, they’ve never held back on the energy front. The band’s new single ‘Cry’ definitely shows this, its got the sing-a-long chorus, the screams and the catchy riffs that we’ve all come to expect from the LA rockers.

‘Cry’ is the first single from the band’s sixth album, ‘Imaginary Enemy’, due out on April 1st. (Side note: one of the pre-order packages contains The Used branded condoms. Er, why?).

RC xx

Introducing: The Brew


Classic rock certainly seems to be having a revival these days, with Grimsby trio The Brew being the latest to rise from the scene. Despite their recent acclaim from international press, the band have quite a history, touring with the greats from Ozzy Osborne and Jeff Beck to Lynryd Skynryd, as well as recording three studio albums, with their fourth, ‘Control‘ planned for release on February 20th.

Here’s their video for new single ‘Repeat‘ from their upcoming album:

RC xx

Grey Gordon – 500 Miles

I hope you’re all nicely tucked up indoors and not braving the mild hurricane that seems to be going on outside (if you’re in the UK, at least). To accompany you with your lovely chilled out afternoon / evening, here’s a lovely chilled out piece of acoustic goodness from Indiana’s Grey Gordon.

‘500 Miles’ is taken from the vegan, straightedge singer’s ‘Still At Home Here’ EP, which was released in May last year.

RC xx

Canterbury – Think It Over

Just in case you missed it, Surrey rockers Canterbury have just released their third album, ‘Dark Days’, securing the number 1 rock album slot in the official charts last week. Its great news for a band that have really worked hard to build their fanbase and develop their music style over the past nine years.

Having seen them more than a few times back in my old local scene, it makes me proud that they’re doing so well now!

Give them a bit of support by checking out their new video for ‘Think It Over’..

RC xx

Architects – Naysayer

Well it seems this week has been a big one for rocking new tunes! Brighton’s metalcore heroes Architects have released the music video for their new single ‘Naysayer’, a ferocious hard-rock piece from their new album ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’, which is due out on March 10.

Have a listen below..

RC xx

Circle Of Reason – Themes Amongst Thieves

Well we’re over hump day (that’s what they call Wednesday now, right?). I think its time for a bit of comedy to get us through the last stretch of the working week.

For those of you who work weekends, I apologise. In any case, watching Southampton prog-rockers Circle Of Reason challenge OAPs to a war of table tennis should definitely ease the pain..

RC xx

Introducing: Twenty One Pilots

Its hard to think of rap-rock without immediately picturing Linkin Park (its not just me, right?). If that is the case, Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots will certainly prove you wrong.

Blending catchy electro-beats, insightful lyrics and a handful of piano-led melodies, these two cleverly avoid any obvious categorisation. The group, made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have just released their ¬†third album, ‘Vessel’, which embraces a darker side to their sound, mixing in heavier drum and bass beats with sharp edged vocals. Its not all angst though, there’s more than a few upbeat tunes, ending with the beautifully soft ‘Truce’.

Have a listen below..

RC xx

The Lawrence Arms – Seventeener

Well its a Saturday night and I’m sure you’re off out somewhere exciting, (if not, good on you for being so healthy / broke..). Whatever you’re up to, here’s a bit of happy-go-lucky punk-rock in the shape of Chicago’s own Lawrence Arms. For added credit, try playing ‘spot the reference’ in their latest video, ‘Seventeener’:

RC xx