Introducing: Moral Panics

Stoke’s indie favourites Moral Panics certainly have their artistic credentials sorted, with their members doubling as clothing designers, novel writers and film makers. Luckily their other projects hasn’t had a detrimental effect on the band’s sound, with their latest EP ‘WLVS‘ sounding like a cross between early Foals and Swim Deep at their mellowest.

With features on BBC Introducing and support slots with the likes of Dog Is Dead, it looks like 2014 might be the year for these guys to finally break out..

RC xx


The Mispers – Brother

Its indie Thursday, right? Here’s a catchy little number for you, London quintet The Mispers have just released their new video for ‘Brother’. Featuring what looks like a pretty epic night out for a couple of guys (and if you’re bored, feel free to play spot the location), you’ll have that violin part stuck in your head for days.
Have a listen..

RC xx