New AFI Video ‘I Hope You Suffer’

I know I basically covered this before with the lyric video, but every new AFI video is a must-watch really. This one’s a suitabley moody affair, complete with lots of dark eye contact, drawn faces and screaming from mr Davey Havok himself. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably love this already. If you’re not, you clearly haven’t listened to them enough.

Check out the official video ‘I Hope You Suffer’:

RC xx


Weekend Tuneage.. Reckless Love ‘Night On Fire’

Well I hope you’ve all had as good a weekend as I have, but its always over way too soon isn’t it? If you’re trying to forget about the impending work tomorrow, here’s the perfect tune to blast out of your speakers and pretend its still Friday night.. ‘Night On Fire’ is the new single from Finnish glam rockers Reckless Love.

Bizarre video, but great stuff..

RC xx

Metallica Release Trailer For ‘Through the Never’

So you’re probably getting a bit sick of band documentaries now right? Endless shots of them on the road, staring thoughtfully out of windows, talking about how much they love the fans etc etc etc..? Well, lucky for you it doesn’t look like this Metallica film will be heading down that route.

Admittedly, it looks a little cheesy, but also EPIC. I don’t care what you think, I’m going to see ‘Through The Never’:

RC xx

New Music Monday – AFI ‘I Hope You Suffer’

So while I was having a lovely long birthday weekend (it was great, thanks for asking..) it seems I missed out on something pretty important! After a couple of months of ring-esque teaser videos, the amazing AFI have finally released a stream of their new single ‘I Hope You Suffer’.

As always with AFI, its never going to be ‘Sing The Sorrow’ all over again. (Which was, in my opinion, a pretty perfect album from the band). However, it sound like the band are steering back towards their heavier sound which always carried more passion and impact than the slightly more celebrity-focused releases of late..

Have a listen!

RC xx

New Music Monday: Champs ‘My Spirit Is Broken’

Ooops, its another late one today! My excuse this time is that I’ve been busy celebrating my birthday! (I won’t tell you how old I am now, its too depressing..)

Anyway, here’s a lovely little indie number to sweep you off to bed. Who doesn’t want to watch beautiful men diving into swimming pools for no apparent reason? No-one, that’s who.

Here’s Champs ‘My Spirit Is Broken’. (Think a more pleasant version of Editors).

RC xx

Stream The New Album From Fall Out Boy ‘Save Rock And Roll’

Stuck for something to listen to? Here’s a quick tip – stream the new album from Fall Out Boy, the eagerly awaited ‘Save Rock And Roll’.
Despite loving all the songs, I hadn’t remembered to buy it. Plus with an album with such strong singles, you have to wonder how the rest of the record shapes up. Luckily, this one does pretty fine, thank you.
Have a listen!

RC xx

New Music: Badluck – Golden Coast

Hands up who needs a little more sunshine in their lives? No-one? Well this might at least get you through the massive overheating (unless you have air-con, in which case, I’m jealous, but you’re probably doing irreparable damage to the environment).

Glasgow’s Calum Doris (previously of Flood of Red), has just released his new track ‘Golden Coast’ on Soundcloud, under the guise of Badluck all for your aural enjoyment. It’s lovely and summery and a little bit like Yellowcard. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Have fun listening to this while you can’t sleep..
RC xx

August Burns Red New Video ‘Count It All As Lost’

Now you probably know that I love a good lyric video, and the ones being released just seem to get better and better. Honestly, sometimes its hard to tell what’s a promo video and what’s a lyric one now! This new video from hardcore rockers August Burns Red for ‘Count It All As Lost’ might fall into the latter column, but the amazing graphics would be passable for a Korn video..

Check it out below:

RC xx