Charlie Simpson – Winter Hymns

I’m going to ignore the fact that its not technically winter anymore, solely because, regardless of the season, this is a really beautiful piece of music. Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson has just released the audio for ‘Winter Hymns‘, the first single from his upcoming second album, due out later this year.

Make sure there’s a box of tissues handy, and have a listen to this..

RC xx


Introducing: Night Windows

Here’s one for all you indie kids out there – Salem’s own Night Windows, the solo project of Ben Hughes. A real ‘bedroom artist’, Hughes self-engineered and produced his upcoming debut album ‘Musicassette / Magnetic Memory‘, which is out on April 15.

For fans of: Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, Eels

Have a listen here:

RC xx

The Skull Defekts – It Started With The Light

So, how about a bit of chilling electro-rock to brighten up your day? Swedish experimentalists The Skull Defekts seem to have this sound done perfectly in their atmospheric new single, ‘It Started With The Light’.

The first single from their upcoming second album, ‘Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown‘, the track features vocals from Lungfish frontman, Daniel Higgs.

Have a listen..

RC xx

Introducing: Trash Monroe

Fact: there really aren’t enough females in rock music. Its sounds cliche, I know, but the fact that woman in rock music is even a talking point proves this.

Step right up then, and have a listen to melodic metallers Trash Monroe. Featuring powerful vocals from frontwoman Melany Dantes, the band have been touring and recording since 2003, building their reputation as one of the best unsigned bands from the South East.

The Essex band released their debut album ‘Shooting From The Lips & Other Crimes Of Passion‘ in 2010, followed by two EPs, ‘Addiction of Duplicates’ Part 1 and 2, featuring the single ‘S.O.B‘.

Have a listen below..

Trash Monroe play the Barfly on March 7th as part of Camden Rocks.

RC xx

Augustines – Nothing To Lose But Your Head

We’re past the middle of the week, so let’s celebrate with a bit of country rock’n’roll, shall we?
Augustines are from Brooklyn, but sonically they’re more of an upbeat Gaslight Anthem. Well, a little bit more upbeat anyway. ‘Nothing to lose but your head’ is their new single, from their self-titled album which is due out on February 4.

Why not take a breather and have a listen to this..?

RC xx

Sneaky peak from Of Mice And Men’s new album

If you can’t wait for the new album from California hard-rockers Of Mice And Men, ‘Restoring Force’, you can hear a sneaky preview of their new single ‘You’re Not Alone’ right here (if you don’t mind watching a whole lot of ads about the album, that is).

Go on, its totally worth it..

The new album, ‘Restoring Force’ is out January 28, 2014.
RC xx

New Video From Ashestoangels ‘Chase’

So is it a live video, or isn’t it? I guess some bands are better at expressing themselves when they’re performing, rather than acting in a storyline video. It definitely works for Bristol’s Ashestoangels in their new video for ‘Chases’, directed by the amazingly talented Marianne Harris.

Have a look:

RC xx

Is it too early for Christmas songs yet?

Its still November, so don’t scream at me if you’re not prepared for the Christmas tunes yet! This isn’t your typical festive cheer type song anyway. ‘I Had A Heart’ from Chicago emo-kids (yep, emo is still going..) Real Friends is a stab against the usual sentimental sweetness that you’ll be hearing on the radio for the next month and a half.. It’s part of the Punk Goes Christmas compilation, which is out now.

Happy not-quite-Holidays!

RC xx

Baby Godzilla – Don’t Touch That Dial

So we all like weird videos right? I don’t think even Fall Out Boy’s new video series could rival this one from Nottingham extremists Baby Godzilla. ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ is one big barrel of weirdness, but in the best possible way.. Oh yeah, and its loud. Really loud.


RC xx

New AFI Video ‘I Hope You Suffer’

I know I basically covered this before with the lyric video, but every new AFI video is a must-watch really. This one’s a suitabley moody affair, complete with lots of dark eye contact, drawn faces and screaming from mr Davey Havok himself. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably love this already. If you’re not, you clearly haven’t listened to them enough.

Check out the official video ‘I Hope You Suffer’:

RC xx