Charlie Simpson – Haunted

Well it seems like everyone is going acoustic these days! Following Frank Turner’s footsteps, Jamie Lenman (of Reuben fame) went acoustic/heavy on us, and now Charlie Simpson (of Fightstar, and yes I’m going to say it, Busted) has done the same.

Taking a more pop side, Charlie’s latest single ‘Haunted‘ is a snappy piece of acapella-based indie-pop with a touching message. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you definitely should..

RC xx


Charlie Simpson – Winter Hymns

I’m going to ignore the fact that its not technically winter anymore, solely because, regardless of the season, this is a really beautiful piece of music. Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson has just released the audio for ‘Winter Hymns‘, the first single from his upcoming second album, due out later this year.

Make sure there’s a box of tissues handy, and have a listen to this..

RC xx

Friday Tune – Fightstar ‘Paint Your Target’

Ok, so I’m not leaving you guys with a classic tonight. Its more of a great tune to start the weekend off to.

Fightstar were born out of the flames of singer / guitarist Charlie Simpson’s first “band” Busted. Possibly the only popstar to credibly re-invent themselves into the rock sphere, much respect goes out to the guy for even braving to try it in the first place.

I think my best memory of Fightstar is watching them on the Radio 1 stage at Reading festival the first year that they came out. There were a lot of bottles being thrown. “Busted” being chanted. They didn’t shout anything back though. Simpson just lowered his head, closed his eyes and screamed into the microphone like his life depended on it.

After a while, the barrage stopped. People actually listened to the music. It was good. Very good.

RC xx