I Divide – I’m Not Leaving

Let’s face it, its Friday and you’re getting to the end of whatever workload you’ve got to do before you can go out and party / go home and watch Netflix (hey, I’m not judging..). Whatever you’re planning, let this be the tune (and it is a CHOON) to get you through those last couple of hours before freedom.

I Divide‘s new single ‘I’m Not Leaving‘ is one heavy kicking piece of rock, and the perfect thing to keep your spirits up. Just sing along in your head, yeah?

RC xx


Introducing: Only Crime

Well its definitely been a good couple of weeks for old-school hardcore / punk, with AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget forming XTRMST, and now we’ve got a new video from punk supergroupĀ Only Crime. Formed in 2003, the band features members of Good Riddance and Bane, whilst citing Black Flag as their main influence.

The band’s new single ‘Life Was Fair‘ is taken from their upcoming third studio album, ‘Pursuance‘, which is due out in May.

RC xx

AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget form hardcore band: XTRMST

Some people say punk is dead. Whoever these hypothetical people are though, they’re clearly not AFI‘s members, Davey Havok and Jade Puget. The pair have formed a straight-edge hardcore band, XTRMST and this week released four tracks, available to stream from the band’s recently created website.

Have a listen here..

RC xx

Royal Blood – Little Monster

If you haven’t heard this one yet, then you’ve either been hiding under a rock for the last month, or just haven’t been anywhere near a radio (or blasting out Slipknot on your headphones, also optional). Brighton two-piece Royal Blood have really taken off with their second single, ‘Little Monster‘, an Arctic Monkeys-esque, sleazy piece of distorted rock. No suprises that they’ve been picked to support said band at their Finsbury Park shows this May. If this track is anything to go by, they’ll be headlining their own massive London shows soon enough..

RC xx

Order Of Voices – Hand In Hand

Does anyone else miss early-Incubus as much as I do? Hey, I’m not one to say a band has ‘gone mainstream’, but you have to admit that the newer stuff just doesn’t have that grunge-tinted feel too it. Obviously nothing is going to replace watching Brandon Boyd delivering those beautiful notes, whilst strutting about in just shorts and sandals (sorry, got a bit distracted there..), but this track from Sheffield lads Order Of Voices does come pretty closely, sonically at least!

Hand In Hand’ is the new single from the band’s upcoming second album, ‘Constancy‘.

RC xx

Polly Scattergood – Subsequently Lost

Ok, so I know this isn’t strictly rock music.. However, a) Polly Scattergood is definitely a rock chick at heart and b) its indie Wednesday anyway (yes, I did just make that up). Go on, let’s pretend we’re in Skins, since this track wouldn’t feel out of place there, (in the older, better series’ of course) and have a little disco wherever you might be. Unless you’re in public, in which case, maybe wait a bit.

Anyway, I highly recommend you have a listen to this lovely little gem of an electro-pop track ‘Subsequently Lost’, which I’m sure will be featuring on your teen drama of choice sometime soon..

Polly’s new album, ‘Arrows‘, featuring the single is out now.

RC xx

Introducing: New City Kings

Step right up.. I’ve got some very catchy pop-rock for you! Essex quartet New City Kings might have only settled on their current name a short year ago (they were previously The Suburbians), but they’ve already recorded and released their debut EP ‘Change‘, as well as releasing two singles ‘Swords and Cannonballs‘ and the title track of their EP. Oh, am apparently Fall Out Boy are fans. Need I say more?

Have a listen below..

RC xx

Protest The Hero – Tilting Against Windmills

Its Friday, what are you still doing online eh? Well if you’re getting ready for the weekend, here’s a tune that will definitely start it off in the right frame of mind, ‘Tilting Against Windmills’ from Ontario rockers Protest The Hero. Filmed across two tours, this video lets you marvel at the band’s co-ordinated guitar moves and er, fully appreciate the level of beardiness going on there in some lovely close-ups.

Watch it now..

RC xx

Charlie Simpson – Winter Hymns

I’m going to ignore the fact that its not technically winter anymore, solely because, regardless of the season, this is a really beautiful piece of music. Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson has just released the audio for ‘Winter Hymns‘, the first single from his upcoming second album, due out later this year.

Make sure there’s a box of tissues handy, and have a listen to this..

RC xx

Introducing: Night Windows

Here’s one for all you indie kids out there – Salem’s own Night Windows, the solo project of Ben Hughes. A real ‘bedroom artist’, Hughes self-engineered and produced his upcoming debut album ‘Musicassette / Magnetic Memory‘, which is out on April 15.

For fans of: Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, Eels

Have a listen here:

RC xx