Style File: Hayley Williams (Paramore)

hayley williams paramore

Name: Hayley Nichole Williams

Birthday: 27 / 12 / 1988

Occupation: Lead singer of Paramore

Trademark: Red hair

Signature style: Boyish, with a punky girl twist. Skinny jeans and oversized tees.

Influenced by: Gwen Stefani

Get the look:

Hayley Williams

Topshop Black Jeans £38.00, Illustrated People Hype top £30, H&M Denim Jacket £24.99, Topshop Lace Up Ankle Boots £40
RC xx


Wednesday Wish List – Stargazer Baby Pink Hair Dye

stargazer baby pink

In my younger years (read: before I had an office job) I went through all the colours. Brown, black, blue, purple, red, pink and now settling on blonde. It’s been a while though, and I still get that occasional craving to change..

My brief time of pink hair was a couple of years ago, when I was a Uni student. I used the Stargazer Baby Pink hair dye then, carefully applied by my (terrified) housemate. I loved it straight away.

It’s annoying how fast the colour fades though, but its still tempting to try it again. I’ve heard Toni and Guy do a better job, but I haven’t researched the costs yet and I’m on a budget!

Here’s me, years ago:

girl with pink hair

Stargazar is available from their website, Amazon, Attitude clothing and some alternative clothing stores. It costs about £5 per bottle, with 2 / 3 recommended for long or thick hair. (I’d buy three to be safe, you don’t want to run out halfway!).

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Criminal Damage Lace Jeans

So my favourite pair of black skinny jeans tore to pieces the other day. No, I haven’t gained weight! They’ve been well worn and just couldn’t take any more. Anyway, I was actually searching for a smart paid that I can wear to work, when these caught my eye.. Can’t resist. Sorry paycheck, doesn’t look like I’ll be holding on to you for long!


criminal damage jeans

Just to be fair, these jeans are available for £29.99 from Attitude Clothing, £27.99 from This Is Pulp, £27.99 from Blue Banana, or a massive £32.99 from Criminal Damage themselves. Pays to shop around, eh?

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Moustache PJs

Seeing as the weather is still freezing cold, I’m sure I’m not the only one spending their evenings curled up on the sofa in their pjs with a cup of cocoa / hot chocolate / camomile tea / other (its pretty much a part of my daily routine at the moment..). If you feel like you’re missing out on some fun though, maybe this will help:

this is pulp pyjamas

These amazing pyjamas are from This Is Pulp and might be a little pricey at £39.99, but I think they’re worth it! Think how much wear you can get out of them in Movember? To be honest, I would be tempted to go out in that top as a vest top and just hope no-one notices..

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List: IAWIA Custom Converse

I’m always on the lookout for unique converse, so absolutely love these beauties. IAWIA, run by artist Meg makes lots of custom-painted shoes, plus a few other bits.
Prices start from £30 for custom converse, with these below going for £40 plus p&p.

For more info, check the Facebook page here.
RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Pierce The Veil New Merch

It’s not quite t-shirt weather over here yet, but for those if you who live in the US, there’s a new excuse to break out the short sleeves and vests.
San Diego post hardcore-ers Pierce The Veil have released a new set of merch, available from Hot Topic now.
Here’s my favourite piece at a fairly reasonable $20.50 to $24.50 (because you can never have too many black tees).

UK people, we might not be lucky enough to have Hot Topic over here, but you can catch Pierce The Veil on their UK tour with Woe is Me and Hands Like Houses. Tickets and exclusive merch bundles are here. (London date is sold out!)

RC xx

3 Of The Best Sweaters

Seeing as the weather is still freezing, I’ve been mostly huddled up indoors baking cupcakes (yes, this is what I like to do with my life). If you’re planning to venture out though, you’ll want to wrap up warm. Here’s a few of the best sweaters out there at the moment, to keep you nice and toasty, even in the snow..


small victory clothing sweater

Small Victory Clothing

‘Of Moose And  Men’, £20

The looks really warm, and would be great with some leggings! Buy from here.

ohh deer glam rock sweatshirt

Ohh Deer

Glam Rock Sweatshirt, £35

I LOVE clothing with a sense of humour. Definitely check this site out, some really quirky, and arty clothes. Check it out here.

grindstore alternative christmas sweater


Anti-Christmas Black Sweater, £21.99

One for the guys (but that’s not to say girls can’t wear it too..) It may not be Christmas anymore, but that doesn’t stop this looking appealing. An alternative Christmas jumper at its best. Buy it from here.

Keep warm and enjoy the snow!

RC xx

Best Converse Designs

I was really hoping to see Asking Alexandria and Motionless In White at Brixton Academy tonight, but due to the weather (read: there’s way too much snow), I’m stuck at home. I’ve been killing the time with a bit of internet window shopping, looking for one of my favourite things to buy, new Converse.

Here’s my pick of some of the best Converse designs available at the moment:

Zip Hi Tops

Price: £50

Where from: Amazon


Price: £50

Where from: Exclusive to Schuh


Price: £53

Where from: Grindstore, but they’re selling out fast!

While these are pretty cool, if you have some free times and live in the States (or just fancying trying it anyway) you can design your own Converse on their site. They’ve even got some really cute designs in for Valentines day..

Have a go yourself, here. Enjoy!

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Step Up Clothing

Who likes a bit of ethical fashion? I definitely do. It’s nice knowing that your clothes aren’t the result of some poor child slaving away in a factory somewhere. (Not to mention the actual clothing quality is normally better)
If you’re looking to fill up your wardrobe for spring, a good place to start would be Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds’ clothing line ‘Step Up’. Focusing on fair trade and organic cotton, plus some items having up to 50% of profits going to Amnesty International, it’s a pretty guilt free shopping trip.
Have a look for yourselves here.
RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Custom Rock’n’Roll Jackets

Carrying on the Aiden theme from yesterday, today I’m lusting after some amazing custom made rock’n’roll themed jackets from none other than Aiden guitarist Nick Wiggins (also known as Zombie Nicholas). Sadly we’ve missed out on the 50% off sale over Christmas (but I think these are pretty much worth the price anyway).

Check out this cute looking denim jacket:

There’s many more jackets, vests and t-shirts available on his website here. To place an order, contact Nick at

RC xx