3 Of The Best Sweaters

Seeing as the weather is still freezing, I’ve been mostly huddled up indoors baking cupcakes (yes, this is what I like to do with my life). If you’re planning to venture out though, you’ll want to wrap up warm. Here’s a few of the best sweaters out there at the moment, to keep you nice and toasty, even in the snow..


small victory clothing sweater

Small Victory Clothing

‘Of Moose And  Men’, £20

The looks really warm, and would be great with some leggings! Buy from here.

ohh deer glam rock sweatshirt

Ohh Deer

Glam Rock Sweatshirt, £35

I LOVE clothing with a sense of humour. Definitely check this site out, some really quirky, and arty clothes. Check it out here.

grindstore alternative christmas sweater


Anti-Christmas Black Sweater, £21.99

One for the guys (but that’s not to say girls can’t wear it too..) It may not be Christmas anymore, but that doesn’t stop this looking appealing. An alternative Christmas jumper at its best. Buy it from here.

Keep warm and enjoy the snow!

RC xx


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