Friday Classic – The Cure

Admittedly, The Cure had their moment in the spotlight while I was a bit too little to take notice of them (I was too busy being born in 1988 to really pay much attention to the workings of the music industry). However, I’m going to feature the West Sussex five piece for several reasons:

a) They inspired many, many of my favourite bands – AFI, Hell is for Heroes and, according to Wikipedia, My Chemical Romance (can’t see the resemblance to be honest)

b) They’re amazing

c) I have a soft spot for any bands from South East England. Its not known for fostering a strong music scene..

d) It’s Friday. Who doesn’t think of ‘Friday I’m In Love’?

Despite the typically Gothic following of the band, they’re actually quite hard to define. The albums are almost conceptual, drifting between upbeat pop melodies, snarling social comments and lovelorn ballads (see ‘Burn’, used in The Crow film). They’ve recorded an impressive thirteen studio albums and in my mind would definitely be one of the greatest British bands.

I was lucky enough to see the band play Bestival two years ago and spent most of their set stood perfectly still, transfixed in the moment of seeing such a legendary band in person.

Rather than go with the obvious choice for today’s name, let’s pick another upbeat one. This one was an obvious choice after I remembered it features kittens.

RC xx


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