Reckless Love – Keep It Up All Night

Finland’s ‘hottest’ exports, Reckless Love are back! If you’re not as excited as I am, you should be, because their new track ‘Keep It Up All Night‘ is another of their ear-worming heavy-rock party-anthem specials (and breathe..). Shake out that hairspray, put on your best leathers and get dancing..

RC xx


Creeper, The Old Blue Last 

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to see Southampton horror rockers Creeper perform at possibly the last tiny show they’ll ever do, for The Callous Heart EP launch. 

With the sounds of Jim Steinman’s Teenager In Love, the band wore their matching jackets as they took their place on the stage. 

Tearing through track after track, the band finished with a heartfelt Love In Decline. They were called back to the stage though, for a final rendition of Novena.

Alberta Cross – Ghost Of Santa Fe

The James-Franco-approved southern rock enthusiasts, Alberta Cross (incredibly, from New York and not the deep south) are streaming their new single, Ghost Of Santa Fe, taken from their self-titled new album. Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on this kind of music, what with living in south-United Kingdom instead (although I have watched my fair share of Nashville..), but there’s a lot worse you could do with your time than settle down and give this band a listen..

RC xx