Review: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sempiternal’

Well there’s one album that I’ve been excitedly waiting for.. It was a nice surprise when this turned up yesterday!

Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon have just released their outstanding fourth album, Sempiternal. Well, for those of us who pre-ordered through their Pledgemusic campaign. The official album release is tomorrow, so I definitely recommend getting in on that if you haven’t already.
The record launches straight into the outpouring of a tortured soul, singer Oli Sykes screaming ‘I can’t drown my dreams, they know how to swim’. Turning his attention on to religion in ‘The House Of Wolves’ and ‘Antivist’, the scream-group shout-heavy drumming formula works perfectly. ‘Empire’ and ‘Crooked Young’ border on anthemic, ‘Sleepwalking’ brings in a nice eerie quality and ‘Go To Hell For Heavens Sake’ wouldn’t feel out of place in the end screen of a Resident Evil film.

Anyone who’s heard ‘Shadow Moses’ can guess why I opted to pre-order the album. Its just brilliant. There’s no way you could question that Sykes feels every word, its half a cry for help, half battle-call.

This is the sound of a band reaching their potential. If music quality really defined the success of a band, this will be the year that they cement themselves as one of the best young British bands around. If not, it’ll be a real shame, because this record deserves to be heard by everyone.

RC xx



Friday Classic – Marilyn Manson ‘mOBSCENE’

Before the likes of Black Veil Brides and Aiden (but not so far back that we stray into KISS territory..), there was one name that was synonymous with the white face paint, sharply cut black clothing  and a penchant for girls in latex. Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) reportedly formed the band after a growing dissatisfaction with the music scene he inhabited in his days as a music journalist.

It was a venture that paid off, with Manson becoming one of the iconic figureheads of the early 00s rock music scene. The songs ‘Tainted Love’, ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Beautiful People’ were on the playlists at all the best rock clubs, his stickers were attached to everyone’s backpacks, he even became a national hate figure after the school shooting at Columbine, when it was discovered that the killers were fans. (If you’ve ever watched Bowling For Columbine, you’ll have seen how eloquently and succinctly Manson responded to this).

There may have been a few hurdles along the way, a short-lived marriage to burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, followed by a relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood. The failure of Manson’s protegees Jack Off Jill. But that hasn’t stopped the band, who have a tour lined up with Alice Cooper starting in June. Dates on the band’s website.


RC xx

Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Video ‘Sacrilege’

I’ve really missed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They probably haven’t even been away that long, but it always feels like forever. I guess they’re not always the most public of bands and, for me at least, their best work was by far ‘Maps’ which sums up just about every crush I’ve ever had. Not to mention their fan-made video for ‘Cheating Hearts’, which features my hometown in it (briefly).

‘Sacrilege’, the band’s new single continues their indie dance party leanings and pushes it into a more electro sphere (basically, it adds a disco ball). The eerie video features  model / actress Lily Cole, looking very disturbed, but actually says a lot about women in society, if you dig deep enough. As a hint, I’m pretty sure the timeline is backwards.

If you, like me, have yet to see the band live, I suggest you check them out on their upcoming US / UK / Europe tour this Spring. As per usual, dates are available on their Facebook page here. Tell you what, if you go, I’ll go? Is that fair?

Anyway, ‘Sacrilege’ is the first single from the band’s upcoming album ‘Mosquito’, out on April 15. Let’s hope the rest of the songs are this good!

RC xx

Single Review: Lauri Ylonen ‘She’s A Bomb’

So for anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while, you’ll be aware of my undying (and slightly embarrassing) love of Finnish rockers The Rasmus. So I’m always keen to check out what the band members are up to with solo projects and such.

Lead singer Lauri Ylonen‘s first attempt at a solo career seemed pretty good. His first album ‘New World’ was a bit more tech-influenced, carrying an theme of escapism and fantasy through the tracks and videos. It was different, but it was listenable, just as catchy as The Rasmus’ music and fell under the genre of ‘dark electro pop’.

Unfortunately, ‘She’s A Bomb’ isn’t quite the same. It’s still catchy, in a Tiga-esque way (repetitive words instead of the lyrical stories that I would’ve expected). The video though, which I’ve decided not to include just to keep this blog PG13 is downright weird. It feels like a joke that I’m not a part of. Maybe a take on society, but its not poignant enough to make any kind of statement.

I’m quite disappointed by this. I’ve stuck by this band through the bottling at Reading, the several-years-long absence from the UK, even finding out about the slightly bizarre fashion choices of their youth. This though, will be one piece of music that I don’t think I’ll be buying.

Make your own mind up below:

RC xx

Sunday Comment: Band Breakups

It’s been a bad week for breakups (not for me, I had no-one to breakup with in the first place!). For bands, I mean. My Chemical Romance and Attack Attack (the UK band) have both called it a day. It’s pretty weird timing, what with the return of Fall Out Boy not that long ago.

I’ve spoken before about band breakups – the reasons, the wasted talent, but its a weird one for MCR. They’ve been successful, been adored by thousands. Its possible that this is more a sign of a hiatus, where at least one band member attempts a solo career, an acting career, an art career? Still, while we wait and see, let’s remember the good times:

RC xx

Friday Classic: Death Cab For Cutie

I remember reading a feature on Death Cab For Cutie a few years back, when they stated that the band’s most memorable song (in my opinion anyway), ‘Transatlanticism’ had been quoted on everyone’s Livejournal at least once. I can see why. It’s probably the best summary of the pains of a long distance relationship that I’ve ever heard.

I guess you might be asking why I haven’t chosen that song for this post. Its partly for the video – the constant travelling really sums up the way I seem to spend my entire life on trains. It’s also the song though. Its much more optimistic, almost in a desperate way, but who hasn’t felt like that?

Oh, plus I love a good intro. This one comes with the extended, four minute (I’m not counting exactly) intro which was, naturally, cut for radio. It’s a bit of a shame really, because I think that four minutes of instrumental is better than some of the music that actually does get played..

RC xx

Funeral For A Friend ‘Nails’

Well I featured them as my Friday Classic last week, but now there’s some new music from my favourite Welsh rockers. Funeral For A Friend‘s new single is a return to their heavier style of old, with an inventive (and colourful) video. If you always love a video that features the band members equally, then this one won’t fail to please.

‘Nails’ launches straight in with a powerful shudder, frontman Matt Tuck’s voice echoing through the chords. Its a simple song that’s over far too soon, but that’s not to say it isn’t effective. Its not one that’s going to be stuck in your head, but if you give it a chance, it gets better with every listen.

Funeral For A Friend’s new album ‘Conduit’ is out now.

RC xx

Hello :)

So I don’t know if you noticed, but I accidentally scheduled two posts for yesterday, instead of one for today! Silly me..
It got me thinking though. I have a lot going on and I’d rather focus on giving you guys great content than be writing up something in a rush that isn’t that great, just for the sake of posting. That’s why I’m shifting the blog from a daily to a 4 times-a-weekly.
I’ll be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, plus a weekend post and it’ll be the best content so far (hopefully!).
Anyway, lots of love
RC xx


Style File: Hayley Williams (Paramore)

hayley williams paramore

Name: Hayley Nichole Williams

Birthday: 27 / 12 / 1988

Occupation: Lead singer of Paramore

Trademark: Red hair

Signature style: Boyish, with a punky girl twist. Skinny jeans and oversized tees.

Influenced by: Gwen Stefani

Get the look:

Hayley Williams

Topshop Black Jeans £38.00, Illustrated People Hype top £30, H&M Denim Jacket £24.99, Topshop Lace Up Ankle Boots £40
RC xx

Man Overboard ‘White Lies’

I WISH I’d heard this song during my teen years. It pretty much sums up my socially awkward attempts at friendships / relationships. (I’m much better now, I promise..)

Man Overboard are a pretty heavy dose of pop-punk, hailing from the depths of Williamstown, New Jersey. The band’s third full-length album, ‘Heart Attack’, featuring the new single ‘White Lies’ is out May 28th on Rise Records.

Have a listen below..

RC xx