Indie Sunday? Yes, I think so..

Is it December already? I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. Actually, that’s a lie. I headed over to Oxford Circus yesterday, but couldn’t face the masses of crowds.. Might be another online shopping year. Oh dear..

Anyway, for those of you who are having a nice, chilled out weekend, or like me, need one, here’s a lovely bit of electro-rock tuneage for you. ‘Call Me Up’ is the new single from Manchester rockers Love For Zero. Its due out in March 2014, but  if you can’t wait that long, have a listen to it below..

RC xx

Friday Classic: Death Cab For Cutie

I remember reading a feature on Death Cab For Cutie a few years back, when they stated that the band’s most memorable song (in my opinion anyway), ‘Transatlanticism’ had been quoted on everyone’s Livejournal at least once. I can see why. It’s probably the best summary of the pains of a long distance relationship that I’ve ever heard.

I guess you might be asking why I haven’t chosen that song for this post. Its partly for the video – the constant travelling really sums up the way I seem to spend my entire life on trains. It’s also the song though. Its much more optimistic, almost in a desperate way, but who hasn’t felt like that?

Oh, plus I love a good intro. This one comes with the extended, four minute (I’m not counting exactly) intro which was, naturally, cut for radio. It’s a bit of a shame really, because I think that four minutes of instrumental is better than some of the music that actually does get played..

RC xx

Frightened Rabbit – ‘Backyard Skulls’

So I have a bit of a thing for Scottish accents. It’s not weird, I promise. I’m half Scottish and there’s just something really homely about them. Anyway, it was this love that made me such a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit in the first place. They played at a venue I was working at and though I couldn’t make the gig, I decided to look them up (based on the name, because I also love rabbits).

As another random fact, I’ve been listening to this band since ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ came out in 2008, but hadn’t actually seen the bands videos up until now. I’d never imagined the singer having a beard. *ahem*

This video for ‘Backyard Skulls’ basically reminds me of every school disco I went to. No-one dancing. Everyone sitting awkwardly on the sidelines. I’m still trying to guess which person I’d be in this. The song is beautifully despairing, like many of the bands song. It’s quite upbeat for them to be honest. Some of their tracks can reduce me to tears in less than 30 seconds. That’s a real feat right there.

If you like this, go check out every (yes, every) video on their Youtube. Do it now. You know you’ve got nothing better to do.

Frightened Rabbit’s fourth album, ‘Pedestrian Verse’ is out now.

RC xx