Single Review: Lauri Ylonen ‘She’s A Bomb’

So for anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while, you’ll be aware of my undying (and slightly embarrassing) love of Finnish rockers The Rasmus. So I’m always keen to check out what the band members are up to with solo projects and such.

Lead singer Lauri Ylonen‘s first attempt at a solo career seemed pretty good. His first album ‘New World’ was a bit more tech-influenced, carrying an theme of escapism and fantasy through the tracks and videos. It was different, but it was listenable, just as catchy as The Rasmus’ music and fell under the genre of ‘dark electro pop’.

Unfortunately, ‘She’s A Bomb’ isn’t quite the same. It’s still catchy, in a Tiga-esque way (repetitive words instead of the lyrical stories that I would’ve expected). The video though, which I’ve decided not to include just to keep this blog PG13 is downright weird. It feels like a joke that I’m not a part of. Maybe a take on society, but its not poignant enough to make any kind of statement.

I’m quite disappointed by this. I’ve stuck by this band through the bottling at Reading, the several-years-long absence from the UK, even finding out about the slightly bizarre fashion choices of their youth. This though, will be one piece of music that I don’t think I’ll be buying.

Make your own mind up below:

RC xx


One thought on “Single Review: Lauri Ylonen ‘She’s A Bomb’

  1. Hey, for many years just like you I have followed and feel very passionate about The Rasmus and their music. πŸ™‚ I understand that many fans are going to find it difficult to adjust to Lauri’s solo music and change in direction. As the music and lyrics are so far removed from what The Rasmus produce. And I understand how the electro – pop with minimum repeating lyrics may not appeal to the Rasmus Audience. 😦 I think what Lauri as a musician has decided to do with his career is very brave. It can be an extremely difficult road for an artist that is so well known for a certain sound to distance themselves and show other sides to their creativity. Sadly they tend to be put under fire from the bands fans cos for them the solo artist work will never match up to the bands work and standard. When it comes to New World, I feel it was Lauris way of gently easing us into the new sound. He used lyrics that were ment for The Rasmus so still had that flow and deep lyrics, and in a sense still had a touch of the band within the music. She’s a Bomb, has stepped that little bit further away from New World, but not in a bad way, its very heavy on electro pop and has very basic lyrics, yet it has a catchy beat, and I find you can truly get lost between the layers of the different sounds and beats. In total I think it makes a great dance track. Yes the video has had extremely mixed reviews, but in truth I think it’s just a bit of fun, Lauris way of just having a laugh with us and moving away from the dark and seriousness that is associated with The Rasmus. The key is to try in your mind to disassociate Lauri with all you have been accustomed with The Rasmus – and try and listen to his music with an open mind. After all this there always be people that won’t like that style of music and sound, and that’s totally ok too. Can’t be everyone’s cup of coffee. πŸ™‚ And like Lauris solo music or not, one thing is for sure, after 18 years The Rasmus are still going strong, and after an amazing tour last year, will be back in the studio this summer to record new music. I’ve a feeling they will be with us for many years to come. πŸ™‚ x x x

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