Today My iPhone Reset..

Sorry for the extremely late post today. I’ve got an excuse this time though. I updated my iPhone to the latest software upgrade (the 6.01) and it completely crashed my phone. Having gone to the Apple store for help, waiting around for 20 minutes to get served, met a very rude helper who (between cutting me off to chat  to other staff members) told me I’d lost everything. If I wanted to them to try to fix it, come back in half an hour.

I returned later, meeting a much more helpful staff member. He managed to restore the phone to factory settings, but everything on my phone was lost. (Yes, I stupidly hadn’t backed it up).

It took me a while for this to register. I went through all the stages – denial (searching for a non-existent fix), anger, depression and then acceptance.

Some things are easier to get back than others. I know my family’s numbers off-by-heart. My closest friends sent their numbers through Facebook in less than an hour. My co-workers I retrieved from emails. I can re-install apps.

Its the smaller, personal things that are gone though. The messages I’d kept for sentimental reasons. The photos I’d taken which remained off Facebook, they were just for my memories. The numbers of ex-boyfriends that I’ve lost contact with. I might not need any of these things, but it was a build up of my life. I’ll never use the number of a guy I kissed in a bar once, but it would make me smile when I scrolled past his name in my contact list.

I guess I’m hoping there’s something good in losing it all. Maybe its freeing to leave all these things behind? As irrational as it may seem to be so attached to a small piece of technology, I’m feeling quite a sense of loss now.

Anyway, just to keep with the theme – here’s a song about moving on..

RC xx


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