Wednesday Wish List – Stargazer Baby Pink Hair Dye

stargazer baby pink

In my younger years (read: before I had an office job) I went through all the colours. Brown, black, blue, purple, red, pink and now settling on blonde. It’s been a while though, and I still get that occasional craving to change..

My brief time of pink hair was a couple of years ago, when I was a Uni student. I used the Stargazer Baby Pink hair dye then, carefully applied by my (terrified) housemate. I loved it straight away.

It’s annoying how fast the colour fades though, but its still tempting to try it again. I’ve heard Toni and Guy do a better job, but I haven’t researched the costs yet and I’m on a budget!

Here’s me, years ago:

girl with pink hair

Stargazar is available from their website, Amazon, Attitude clothing and some alternative clothing stores. It costs about £5 per bottle, with 2 / 3 recommended for long or thick hair. (I’d buy three to be safe, you don’t want to run out halfway!).

RC xx


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