Fearless Vampire Killers – Neon In The Dance Halls

Seems like steam-punk aficionados Fearless Vampire Killers have taken a step back from the growling and turned to old-school pop-punk, the likes of early My Chemical Romance for their new single, ‘Neon In The Dance Halls‘. With a video featuring cameos from fellow eyeliner lovers Ashestoangels and daddy of the new goth-punk movement, William Control, this is definitely the sound of a young band taking their first steps towards stadium level. Good luck to them!

RC xx


William Control w/ Obscure Pleasures – Electrowerkz, Islington 05/05/2013


For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Islington’s Electrowerkz is a reasonably small, industrial focused venue not far from Angel tube station. It keeps up the industrial theme inside, where the actual venue feels like the background of a Victorian warehouse. Oh, and the toilets are unisex..

It’s actually the perfect venue for the night, as the mix of industrial, electro and ‘goth’ (I always use the term loosely) bands lined up for to perform will attest.

Due to some house-moving issues (read: I moved house on Sunday), I only arrived in time to see the last support acts take the stage. I found out later that the wonderful Fearless Vampire Killers were special guests, which makes it even more disappointing that I missed the other supports.

The support, whose name I couldn’t find anywhere (Obscure Pleasures have pulled out of tonight’s show) are obvious fans of Joy Division, based on their musical content. They’re also definite ones for theatrics, having a male (or female, I couldn’t tell) dressed as a mannequin for nothing more than stage decoration. The band made a good show of feigning paralysis during segments of their songs, even crawling to the floor for their finale.

By the time William Control takes the stage, the audience is still slim pickings. It doesn’t deter him though, as he launches into the crowd, hugging members of his support acts at random. The crowd sing along religiously, with the first three rows turning into some kind of goth club night, bodies jumping up and down to the dark beats.

There’s still a remnant of his days at the frontman of Aiden, as he twirls the mike leads across the stage, or spits out water into the audience’s faces. With his slick-back hair and suit though, there’s something much more debonair about him than his younger incarnation. The boundless energy is still there, and its what’s always been key in William Control / Wil Francis‘ performances. It’s what grabs the crowds attention and holds it. Its why every band on this bill clearly look to him as a role model.

It’s a shame there’s such a thin crowd, but that may be more due to the over 18 limit on the venue, than the actual draw of the act. Because this is really something not to be missed.

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Custom Rock’n’Roll Jackets

Carrying on the Aiden theme from yesterday, today I’m lusting after some amazing custom made rock’n’roll themed jackets from none other than Aiden guitarist Nick Wiggins (also known as Zombie Nicholas). Sadly we’ve missed out on the 50% off sale over Christmas (but I think these are pretty much worth the price anyway).

Check out this cute looking denim jacket:

There’s many more jackets, vests and t-shirts available on his website here. To place an order, contact Nick at CustomRockNRoll@gmail.com

RC xx 

New Video From William Control ‘Speak To Me Of Abduction’

Firstly, I hope everyone isn’t feeling too rough today! If you’ve managed to get out of bed, here’s a treat for you – a new video from the master of electro-noir, William Control (aka Wil Francis of Aiden).

‘Speak To Me Of Abduction’ features on the credits of his ‘Live in London Town’ DVD, released last year.

You can catch Wil on tour with Black Veil Brides this spring in the UK and US. Dates on his facebook page here.

RC xx