Wednesday Wish List – Criminal Damage Lace Jeans

So my favourite pair of black skinny jeans tore to pieces the other day. No, I haven’t gained weight! They’ve been well worn and just couldn’t take any more. Anyway, I was actually searching for a smart paid that I can wear to work, when these caught my eye.. Can’t resist. Sorry paycheck, doesn’t look like I’ll be holding on to you for long!


criminal damage jeans

Just to be fair, these jeans are available for £29.99 from Attitude Clothing, £27.99 from This Is Pulp, £27.99 from Blue Banana, or a massive £32.99 from Criminal Damage themselves. Pays to shop around, eh?

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Moustache PJs

Seeing as the weather is still freezing cold, I’m sure I’m not the only one spending their evenings curled up on the sofa in their pjs with a cup of cocoa / hot chocolate / camomile tea / other (its pretty much a part of my daily routine at the moment..). If you feel like you’re missing out on some fun though, maybe this will help:

this is pulp pyjamas

These amazing pyjamas are from This Is Pulp and might be a little pricey at £39.99, but I think they’re worth it! Think how much wear you can get out of them in Movember? To be honest, I would be tempted to go out in that top as a vest top and just hope no-one notices..

RC xx