Wednesday Wish List – Criminal Damage Lace Jeans

So my favourite pair of black skinny jeans tore to pieces the other day. No, I haven’t gained weight! They’ve been well worn and just couldn’t take any more. Anyway, I was actually searching for a smart paid that I can wear to work, when these caught my eye.. Can’t resist. Sorry paycheck, doesn’t look like I’ll be holding on to you for long!


criminal damage jeans

Just to be fair, these jeans are available for £29.99 from Attitude Clothing, £27.99 from This Is Pulp, £27.99 from Blue Banana, or a massive £32.99 from Criminal Damage themselves. Pays to shop around, eh?

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Abbey Dawn Shoes

Yes, its true. I do spend quite a lot of my free time hunting through clothing / shoe sites. It’s not an obsession, just something I really enjoy. Anyway, what makes me happier than finding a beautiful pair of shoes? Finding a beautiful pair of shoes that are in the sale. Even better than that (and I’m sure any other vegetarians reading this will agree) is finding a beautiful pair of shoes that aren’t made of leather. I’ve basically given up shoe shopping at Topshop, or any other store which I haven’t already researched online and found specific shoes that I know I can look at.

Boots are even more of a problem. Every year, I buy a cheap pair of boots from New Look (one of the few high street places to stock non-leather boots). Then they fall apart in just a month. Anyway, before I get too off topic, I rarely buy going out shoes. One of the few places that makes good quality evening shoes is the wonderful, which, sadly, is based in the US and charges a small fortune for delivery. For the UK, there’s, but nearly everywhere else seems to assume that if I want vegetarian shoes, the only thing I want to do with my life is go hiking round the Peak District. I kid you not.

That’s why I was more than happy when I saw these beauties (made from PU / PVC):

abbey dawn shoes


Part of the Abbey Dawn collection, designed by Avril Lavigne (don’t judge!), I’ve been eyeing them up for a while. At £79.99 though, they were more than a bit out of my price range! Luckily for me, Attitude Clothing have a sale on, so I’ll be snapping them up now for £24.99..

Do it. Do it now.

RC xx