We Are The Ocean – Holy Fire

Sadly I missed We Are The Ocean playing at The Borderline in Soho earlier this month as it sold out! That doesn’t stop me enjoying their new single, Holy Fire though. It’s a much ‘bigger’ sound than you’d expect from the Loughton rockers (think more 30 Seconds To Mars, less screaming). There’s a nice violin piece and a creepy video featuring gas masks too, so that’s definitely worth checking out:

The band’s new record, ‘Ark’ is out now.

RC xx


Architects – Broken Cross

I have to admit I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Architects album, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together‘, so you can imagine how happy I was when they finally released their new video for ‘Broken Cross‘, the second single from their upcoming album.

Broken Cross‘ is a snarling piece of metalcore, delivered with the passion we’ve come to expect from the Brighton quartet.

Watch the video below:

RC xx

Tonight Alive New Video ‘Come Home’

You’ll have to excuse the lack of posting, I’ve actually been on holiday in Mexico for the past week! (Really good, but now pretty sunburnt..)

Anyway, what better way to embrace the cold British weather then with a nice summery breakup song. Agreed? Great, here’s Aussie pop-punks Tonight Alive with their new video ‘Come Home’.


RC xx

Asking Alexandria Live Video ‘Run Free’

So if you, like me, missed out on Asking Alexandria at Brixton Academy in January (in my defence, I was stranded at home because of the snow!), you can see exactly what an amazing show it was in their new video for ‘Run Free’, filmed live at the gig. To be honest, there’s a few too many up-the-guitar shots for my liking, but other than that, it looks pretty epic:

New AFI Video ‘I Hope You Suffer’

I know I basically covered this before with the lyric video, but every new AFI video is a must-watch really. This one’s a suitabley moody affair, complete with lots of dark eye contact, drawn faces and screaming from mr Davey Havok himself. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably love this already. If you’re not, you clearly haven’t listened to them enough.

Check out the official video ‘I Hope You Suffer’:

RC xx

New Music From Deaf Havana ‘Boston Square’

Have I mentioned how much I like Deaf Havana on here yet? I don’t think I have. Or I haven’t enough. The band’s new single ‘Boston Square’ is a lovely bittersweet piece of audio goodness. Its cheerful enough for a drive in the summer sunshine, but wouldn’t feel too out of place on a rainy day like today either..

The rockers are gearing up to release their new album ‘Old Souls’ this September, with a few choice performances at Slam Dunk festival lined up for the end of this month.

Have a listen here:

RC xx

New Music Video From HIM – ‘Tears On Tape’

I’m not sure what to make of the new single from Finnish ‘love metallers’ HIM. ‘Tears On Tape’ isn’t a bad song at all. It follows the fairly standard love / misery theme that makes all HIM‘s songs so relatable. It maybe lacks a certain spark, which makes other ballads from the band (such as Sacrament) more listen-worthy.

Still, its worth a go anyway, and especially with frontman Ville Valo having to cancel the band’s tour due to a severe asthma condition, I’m inclined to give them a break.. Wishing Ville all the best in his recovery ❤

RC xx

New Video From Young Kato ‘Something Real’

Does anyone remember that Funeral For A Friend series of videos from a while back? The ones with a man and woman whose faces were covered in cloth? This video from indie kids Young Kato (they really are young!) reminds me a bit of it. Which isn’t a bad thing.

The video for ‘Something Real’ follows lead singer Tommy Wright as he’s unceremoniously dragged through towns and onto the coast by a never ending rope, with his bandmates featuring in cameo roles. The track is a catchy little number, and a pretty good one for the finally-here summer, so its definitely worth a listen.. Check it out below:

RC xx

Alkaline Trio – ‘The Torture Doctor’

After having been fairly disappointed by the last single from goth-punk’s Alkaline Trio, I was preparing myself for the worst with this next one. (The worst from them being that it was nothing special).

This was actually a nice surprise. ‘The Torture Doctor’ is still Alkaline Trio in their purest form, the macabre themes, the simplistic, catchy hooks. This is the band really pushing forwards though, the vocals becoming almost sinister, the melodies creeping into something much deeper. Its not what I was expecting, its much, much better.

Check it out below:

RC xx