A Day To Remember – Right Back At It Again

Well I’ve been a busy, busy person this week with too many gigs / Christmas parties! Luckily, though, I haven’t been so busy that I’ve missed the awesome new video from A Day To Remember, ‘Right Back At It Again’. Its fun, upbeat and incredibly catchy. I suggest you check it out, right now..

RC xx


Hawk Eyes New Video ‘Cheap’

So its Thursday. We’re over the hump day. Let’s celebrate with a bit of Hawk Eyes, shall we? It’s a little bit screamy, so be warned if that’s not your taste.

I actually saw this band in London a few weeks ago by chance, when a friend had some spare tickets. Needless to say, they did not warn me how screamy it would be. I was not prepared. Lesson learned – in the future, look up the band BEFORE you go see them live. I know now..

Anyway, enjoy!

RC xx

Sleeping With Sirens – Congratulations

Well its a Thursday, so I think we all need a bit of comedy to get us through this not-quite-Friday-day. Luckily for us, Sleeping With Sirens have that nailed for us with their new video for ‘Congratulations’.

Like bobble heads? Like scary looking grannies? You’ll love this..

RC xx

New Video From Enter Shikari ‘Rat Race’

So if you’re recovering from a pretty heavy night last night, ‘Rat Race’, the new music video from Enter Shikari probably not what you want to be watching. Two reasons why – firstly, its pretty LOUD, secondly, frontman Rou Reynolds seems to have grown a fairly odd looking beard..

Anyway, massive props to the guys from pushing the boat out on techno / rock / whatever genre you’d like to try and class them as. (I’m gonna be honest with you, halfway through the video I paused it, because I thought it must be playing twice in my browser. It wasn’t. That was just the song..).


RC xx

New Music: Silverstein – A Better Place

“When she collapsed, I thought she was joking..”

Well if that isn’t dark, I don’t know what is! Here’s a slightly trippy video from post-hardcore heroes Silverstein. ‘A Better Place’ features a guy having quite a weird encounter with a van, interspersed with some band-projected-onto-building moments. Worth a watch.

Happy Friday loves!

RC xx

Stream ‘No Resurection’ From AFI

Well I for one could not be more excited about AFI’s new album ‘Burials’ coming out in two days! (Its just a shame there’s no UK tour dates so far *hint hint*).

Anyway, you can have a listen to a new track  ‘No Resurrection’ from our favourite goth-punk boys below. Go on, there’s nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday evening..

RC xx

Fearless Vampire Killers Release All Hallows Eve Video

How did I miss this? (Oh right, I was in Mexico..). There’s no other excuse for not seeing the new Halloween-theme video for ‘All Hallows Eve’ from Fearless Vampire Killers. If my eyesight is correct, I reckon there’s a few cameos from some other eyeliner-loving bands in there. See if you can spot them!

RC xx

A Day To Remember Announce New Album

Well here’s a bit of exciting news to brighten up your Monday! (I know its nearly over..). The awesome A Day To Remember have released a video announcing their new album ‘Common Courtesy’, due out tomorrow! Its being self-released, but if you’ve been reading up on your rock news, they’re having a few problems with ex-label Victory Records, so watch this space..

RC xx

Tonight Alive New Video ‘Come Home’

You’ll have to excuse the lack of posting, I’ve actually been on holiday in Mexico for the past week! (Really good, but now pretty sunburnt..)

Anyway, what better way to embrace the cold British weather then with a nice summery breakup song. Agreed? Great, here’s Aussie pop-punks Tonight Alive with their new video ‘Come Home’.


RC xx