Hawk Eyes New Video ‘Cheap’

So its Thursday. We’re over the hump day. Let’s celebrate with a bit of Hawk Eyes, shall we? It’s a little bit screamy, so be warned if that’s not your taste.

I actually saw this band in London a few weeks ago by chance, when a friend had some spare tickets. Needless to say, they did not warn me how screamy it would be. I was not prepared. Lesson learned – in the future, look up the band BEFORE you go see them live. I know now..

Anyway, enjoy!

RC xx


One Man Mosh Pits: Hawk Eyes


So last night I saw the incredible Hawk Eyes at The Black Heart in Camden. It’s got to be one of my favourite pub venues, with an upstairs area that always fills up to give you the feeling of a really packed out gig.
To make it even better, last night we were in prime position to watch the one man moshpit unfold in front of the stage. There’s something very brave about being the only person to jump around in a crowd, but it was as fascinating to watch the solo guy as it was to watch the energetic performance from the Leeds foursome.
If you haven’t checked out Hawk Eyes before, they’re an experimental (don’t let that put you off..) metal band, who play fast and heavy. I highly suggest you go check them out.
Have a great weekend guys,
RC xx

Hawk Eyes ‘You Deserve A Medal’

Clever stop-motion? Check. Vinyl porn? Check. Adrenalin fuelled rock-goodness? Check. Must be the new video from Leeds rockersĀ Hawk Eyes then..

There’s something Reuben-ish about the new single ‘You Deserve A Medal’. It might be the shortness of the track (only 1:56, gosh!), but either way its not a bad thing. Tearing through in the blink of an eye, this is one that you’ll want to put on a repeat a few times to really appreciate. Either way, you’ll be humming this to yourself all day..

The band’s new album ‘Ideas’ is out now. Catch them on a very brief tour of the UK (read: only Birmingham / Sheffield / Leeds) next month.

RC xx