We Are The Ocean New Video ‘Chin Up’

Well I do love a stripped down video, and this is a pretty good one at that. We Are The Ocean‘s new single ‘Chin Up’ is a lovely acousticy number, with a low-key video to go with. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a band throwing balloons at each other, then this is definitely your cup of tea..

RC xx

Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

I actually saw Welsh pop-punkers Kids In Glass Houses years and years ago, back when they were supporting Hundred Reasons at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. They were good then, but the years have clearly been kind to them, because they’ve just released the video to this cracking tune.

‘Peace’ is a catchy bit of pop-rock with the band’s trademark energy and a bit of angst thrown in for good measure. Have a listen!

RC xx

New Video From HIM – Into The Night

Well it seems one of my favourite scandi-bands (that’s a phrase now..) have a new single out! Finnish ‘love-metallers’ HIM have released their video for ‘Into The Night’. Its a nice heavy one for change, seeing as their more recent work has been a little too pop-ish.. Oh, and its got an eerie video too. What more could you want?

Check it out!

RC xx

New Music Monday: Empress – ‘Blurred Perception’

I was recommended to listen to prog four piece Empress based on my love of Hell Is For Heroes (favourite band, in case you’re asking..). The band’s new single ‘Blurred Perception’, which is out now, is a little heavier that the London alt-rockers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good (just expect a little more screaming!).
Have a listen..

RC xx

Placebo New Lyric Video ‘Too Many Friends’

Have to say, I’ve loved Placebo a long time. ‘Too Many Friends’ may not quite live up to the band’s previous work (in my opinion, anyway), but that’s not to say the new album won’t be great!

According to the band’s facebook, there’s something new coming on Tuesday..

RC xx

Asking Alexandria Live Video ‘Run Free’

So if you, like me, missed out on Asking Alexandria at Brixton Academy in January (in my defence, I was stranded at home because of the snow!), you can see exactly what an amazing show it was in their new video for ‘Run Free’, filmed live at the gig. To be honest, there’s a few too many up-the-guitar shots for my liking, but other than that, it looks pretty epic:

New Music Monday: Nine Inch Nails (Epilepsy Warning..)

Well its not unlike Nine Inch Nails to come up with a catchy, electronicy tune with a creepy video, but this one is definitely worth watching (unless you have epilepsy, in which case, please don’t).  Featuring a simple vocal hook and a jittering, unnerving series of image transitions, ‘Came Back Haunted’ is going to be stuck in your head for days.

The only thing that slightly ruins it is the confused looking image of Trent Reznor you get to see if you watch this on the actual YouTube page..

Help A Band Out?

So bit of tragic news for you all, Exter’s Napoleon were in a car /van crash in the Czech Republic this week. As a result, they’ve had to cancel their European tour, though luckily none of them were seriously hurt!

If you’re feeling generous, you could check out their merch site: napoleon.bigcartel.com/ and maybe get yourself a new sweater? There’s nothing like treating yourself and feeling good about it at the same time..

Need to know what they sound like before you wear their gear? (Gosh, what a novel idea..) Have a listen below:

Cheers loves,

RC xx

New Music, New Music! Enter Shikari ‘Radiate’

So I’ve posted a lot about Enter Shikari. I know. Having spent the last 4:37 minutes dancing about my room like nobodies watching (I HOPE no-one’s watching), I think this is worth including though.

One of the best things about Shikari, apart from the great beats, is that they genuinely care. There’s a deep, heartfelt message within every track. Anyone who’s seen the band live can tell how passionate they are about their music, and how passionate their fans are in return.

Oh, and did I mention that they’ll be playing Download this weekend? Excited much? I couldn’t be more..

RC xx