Help A Band Out?

So bit of tragic news for you all, Exter’s Napoleon were in a car /van crash in the Czech Republic this week. As a result, they’ve had to cancel their European tour, though luckily none of them were seriously hurt!

If you’re feeling generous, you could check out their merch site: and maybe get yourself a new sweater? There’s nothing like treating yourself and feeling good about it at the same time..

Need to know what they sound like before you wear their gear? (Gosh, what a novel idea..) Have a listen below:

Cheers loves,

RC xx

New Music Monday: Napoleon ‘Brought Here To Suffer’

Hey you! Yes you! Like a bit of melodic-hardcore? Then stop what you’re doing and listen to this..

Napoleon are a 4-piece unsigned hardcore rock band from Exeter. Unfortunately, vague youtube comments tell me their singer is leaving, but hopefully that won’t stop them from being awesome tunes like this to the public!

Check them out here:

RC xx