The Lawrence Arms – Seventeener

Well its a Saturday night and I’m sure you’re off out somewhere exciting, (if not, good on you for being so healthy / broke..). Whatever you’re up to, here’s a bit of happy-go-lucky punk-rock in the shape of Chicago’s own Lawrence Arms. For added credit, try playing ‘spot the reference’ in their latest video, ‘Seventeener’:

RC xx


Papa Roach – Leader Of The Broken Hearts

Yes, yes. This has been out a while, but I can’t believe I missed this brilliant piece of rock when it came out a few months ago. Papa Roach are still one of my favourite punk(ish) rock bands, and ‘Leader Of The Broken Hearts’ should show exactly why. Great song, great video, great band.

Go watch..

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Anti-Flag Join ‘Toast To Freedom’ For Amnesty International

I love hearing that bands I admire are involved in something that I really care about. This is a perfect example: Anti-Flag are the newest bands to team up with Amnesty International for their 50th Anniversary.

The song, ‘Toast To Freedom’ was written by Carl Carlton (Robert Palmer, Eric Burdon, Keb Mo) and Larry Campbell (Levon Helm Band, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello), as well as  Jochen Wilms and Art for Amnesty founder Bill Shipsey.

Nearly 50 artists collaborated on the recordings, including Marianne Faithful and Kris Kristofferson. More have joined in later to record their own versions of the track, ranging from students at the Institute for Music of the College at Osnabrueck to Russian rapper Basta.

Proceeds of the song will go to benefit Amnesty International, a charity campaigning against human rights abuses.

You can listen to Anti-Flag’s cover below:

For more info, check out and

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Alkaline Trio Back With New Album / Single

It seems to be the thing at the moment for some slightly-forgotten bands to make their return with a new album. What’s that called – reunited album season? There’s many a band that I’d like to see come back from an indefinite (or even undeclared) hiatus, but I’m always a bit cynical when they do.

The first question to ask it, have they gone in a new direction? Is the band suddenly inspired to return, they’ve patched up their problems and want to start over (see Fall Out Boy, yesterday). Otherwise, there’s always that worry that the new return-to-form will actually just be another album in a line of many others, where the band has already established their sound and don’t really know where to go with it.

This seems to be the case with the new offering from Alkaline Trio. Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve long been a fan of the band. It’s just something about the way new single ‘I Wanna Be A Warhol’ has me singing along unconsciously to the words of ‘Heart Stops Beating’ by +44. It’s not particularly bad. There’s nothing particularly good about it either though, which is disappointing coming from a band who’ve wowed me many times before.

Anyway, you can make up your own mind here:

‘I Wanna Be A Warhol’ is available from iTunes now. You can pre-order the new album ‘My Shame Is True’ from, its out April 1.

RC xx

Friday Classic – The Distillers

Its going to be another quick post tonight – sorry! Here’s one of my favourite tracks from my teen years. It redefined the concept of riot girl, with a ferocious, modern take. Not to mention inspiring me to travel California alone, wanting to discover the ‘city of angels’ for myself.

Here you go, its The Distillers, featuring the amazing (can’t say enough good things about her, basically want to be her) Brody Dalle.

RC xx

Lower Than Atlantis – Go On Strike (PARENTAL ADVISORY)

Its still snowing here (booo) so I’ve been stuck indoors again. Today consisted of trying to remove the rust from a Wii remote. It did not work. Luckily, after an hour or so of trying, I found another controller.

Anyway, here’s a bit of feel-good fun to cheer everyone up. Herts punk-rockers Lower Than Atlantis have released their new video for ‘Go On Strike’, taken from their third album ‘Changing Tune’ out now. Its the perfect soundtrack for anyone who thinks Christmas finished too early last year..

You can catch the band on tour in the UK this April. Dates on their facebook here.

RC xx

Friday Classic – Alkaline Trio ‘Private Eye’

This song takes me back a few years. Aside from a brief, ill-advised performance on Reading’s main stage at an unsuitably early time, Chicago’s Alkaline Trio have never disappointed me.

Known for catchy snippets of punk rock with their trademark dark lyrics, (this one starts with ‘I dragged this lake, looking for corpses’), ‘Private Eye’ is from the trio’s third album, ‘From Here To Infirmary’, released in 2001.

 What are they up to now?

The band recorded their ninth album in October last year, due later this year. Frontman Matt Skiba has released two solo albums, ‘Demos’ and ‘Babylon’, recorded with The Sekrets, featuring My Chemical Romance drummer Jarrod Alexander and AFI bassiest Hunter Burgan.

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