Natives – Ghost

New Forest boys Natives have just released a new video for their upcoming single ‘Ghost‘, taken from the band’s debut album ‘Indoor War‘. ChannellingĀ the likes of Twin Atlantic and Canterbury, this catchy piece of melodic pop rock will be a great roadtrip soundtrack for the summer. Let’s hope the weather heats up soon!

RC xx


The Lawrence Arms – Seventeener

Well its a Saturday night and I’m sure you’re off out somewhere exciting, (if not, good on you for being so healthy / broke..). Whatever you’re up to, here’s a bit of happy-go-lucky punk-rock in the shape of Chicago’s own Lawrence Arms. For added credit, try playing ‘spot the reference’ in their latest video, ‘Seventeener’:

RC xx

Snow day / Friday Classic – Jimmy Eat World

Well I hope everyone’s enjoying the snow as much as I am (if you have any). I’m pretty much stranded at home, so I’ve been busy baking brownies (see below) and catching up on some much-missed TV.

Anyway, here’s my Friday blast from the past (and one of my favourite songs and music videos ever), Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. It’s a song that’s got me through some tough times, and is a classic one to dance round your room to.

What are they up to now?

According to their Facebook, the band are currently recording their 8th studio album (so far unnamed). They’re also playing Download this year, so if you’re planning to go, make sure you don’t miss them!

RC xx

Friday Fun – Deaf Havana – Hunstanton Pier

Before I get too Christmas obsessed (and believe me, I’m getting there), here’s a nice sunny video so we can all pretend its not the shortest day of the year. Major points go to Deaf Havana for this bit of fun (and its refreshing to see a band that aren’t from London). Who doesn’t wish they were at the beach in July after watching this?

I can’t say I’ve listened to Dead Havana too much before I heard this song, but having done a bit of research, I’d definitely recommend checking them out. If you like this, look up ‘Little White Lies’ and go from there..
RC xx