Twenty One Pilots: Ode To Sleep

Oops, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy moving house and generally out in London getting into that Christmas spirit. Anyway, back to the usual routine, here’s a great new tune for you!

It’s not many artists that would put so much faith on their future careers that they would film a gig in their early days, playing to just twelve people. It’s an even more brave artist that would then use that footage in a music video once they’ve found success. Still, Twenty One Pilots don’t do things the usual way.

Here’s their almost-documentary-like video for ‘Ode To Sleep‘:

RC xx


Introducing: Twenty One Pilots

Its hard to think of rap-rock without immediately picturing Linkin Park (its not just me, right?). If that is the case, Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots will certainly prove you wrong.

Blending catchy electro-beats, insightful lyrics and a handful of piano-led melodies, these two cleverly avoid any obvious categorisation. The group, made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have just released their ¬†third album, ‘Vessel’, which embraces a darker side to their sound, mixing in heavier drum and bass beats with sharp edged vocals. Its not all angst though, there’s more than a few upbeat tunes, ending with the beautifully soft ‘Truce’.

Have a listen below..

RC xx