Friday Classic: Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids

I feel a bit weird about picking this one, seeing as I’ve never experienced what I can only imagine is a truly traumatising experience of watching your parents separate. The heartfelt sentiment behind the song is evident though, its what makes it such a wrenching piece and isn’t that what a good piece of music is all about?

Blink 182 released ‘Stay Together For The Kids’ back in 2001 and based on the constant stream of comments, its stayed in people’s minds since then. What’s lovely is that the band have managed to take their own advice and despite a couple of ‘solo’ projects (Angels&Airwaves and +44), the band are still together and are on tour in the US this September.


All together now ‘so here’s your holiday..’

Have a great weekend loves

RC xx


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