Friday Classic – Hundred Reasons ‘If I Could’

For those of you who are acquainted with Farnborough’s post-hardcore heroes Hundred Reasons, you’ll probably be aware that their most popular track is ‘Silver’, not ‘If I Could’. If you’re really well acquainted with them though, you’ll know that this has to be their biggest hit with their most hardcore fans.

I’ve heard this song sung back to them over and over again at festivals and gigs, it’s always the one that goes down the best. Having seen them not so long ago on their brief return to touring with Hell Is For Heroes, it was this song that I was waiting for.

It’s proof that a simple song, with real feeling can have more impact and resonance than the most complicated, perfected pieces from other bands. Not if only these guys were still going..

If you’re a fan of this, its worth checking out some of the member’s current project, Freeze The Atlantic. It’s all good stuff..

RC xx

Hell Is For Heroes, Kentish Town Forum

Last night I went to see the amazing post-hardcore quintet, Hell is for Heroes support Hundred Reasons at the Kentish town Forum.

I’ve been a fan of the band for years and was at one of their (supposedly) final shows, Bush Hall in November 2008. However, they’ve come back for a single UK tour, performing their debut album ‘The Neon Handshake’.

It’s an odd crowd that waits before the stage. We’re some of the youngest there. They are, by far not the most hyped band of the moment, in fact, I can’t remember a time when they graced the front cover of a magazine, or were called ‘the next big thing’. That’s not what’s brought the masses in. It’s the fact that everyone here remembers just how good they are.

You’d never guess they’d been away though, with frontman Justin Schlosberg catapulting himself across the stage and into the arms of his band’s die hard fans, knocking over amps as he went.

The sheer brilliance of the band is undeniable, with so much energy and passion in every note. Its just a shame that more people don’t know about them. (That said, the show is sold out, with an extra date added and members of Muse and Reuben are said to be in the audience).

Thanks for a brilliant night guys. Now please don’t make us wait four more years for another one?

RC x