Friday Classic – Hundred Reasons ‘If I Could’

For those of you who are acquainted with Farnborough’s post-hardcore heroes Hundred Reasons, you’ll probably be aware that their most popular track is ‘Silver’, not ‘If I Could’. If you’re really well acquainted with them though, you’ll know that this has to be their biggest hit with their most hardcore fans.

I’ve heard this song sung back to them over and over again at festivals and gigs, it’s always the one that goes down the best. Having seen them not so long ago on their brief return to touring with Hell Is For Heroes, it was this song that I was waiting for.

It’s proof that a simple song, with real feeling can have more impact and resonance than the most complicated, perfected pieces from other bands. Not if only these guys were still going..

If you’re a fan of this, its worth checking out some of the member’s current project, Freeze The Atlantic. It’s all good stuff..

RC xx


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