Sunday Comment: Bullying (Plus new video from Escape The Fate)

When I’m looking for music to post about on here, I always try to find something with personal relevance. It could be that I’ve had a really good experience seeing the band live, or have a specific memory associated with them. In this case though, its that I can completely relate to the content.

Escape The Fate‘s new video ‘Ungrateful’ focuses on the cycle of bullying, from school, to home, to workplaces and how it impacts on the lives of those who experience it. (I warn you now, the graphics are pretty shocking).

I was unfortunate enough to experience bullying in school first-hand. It wasn’t pleasant (obviously). In fact, its had a huge effect on the rest of my life so far. It took years for me to get back the person that I was before it started. And I had it lightly compared to some others.

I watched friends slowly becoming shadows of the happy, confident people they once were. There are people I grew up with, that I was close friends with, that simply dropped out of school and effectively disappeared. Sometimes I search Facebook for them, in the hope that I’ll see them smiling, living their lives somewhere else. But they never turn up.

I don’t solely blame the people who took things out on me. As a friend told me once ‘round here, bullying is pretty much generic‘. It seems like a flippant statement for something which ruins lives, but its true. The people in my school year who were bullies were picked on by kids in the year above. They were picked on by kids in the year above them. It went on and on.

I wish there was a simple solution to it, but what needs to change the most is people’s attitudes. It’s not right for this to happen, but it does. So why is no-one talking about it..?
Anyway, here’s the music video for you:

RC xx


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