Jimmy Eat World New Single ‘I Will Steal You Back’

I know, its Friday. I normally run a piece on a slightly less-well-remembered artist. However, I’m making an exception this week, simply for this song.

Jimmy Eat World have long been one of my favourite bands. I religiously buy their albums whenever they come out, because I know they’ll always be brilliant. I even decided to run this post today before hearing their new track ‘I Will Steal You Back’.

I have heard it now though, so don’t worry. Its beautiful, hopeful, enduring with the slightest hint of melancholy.Its the perfect soundtrack to a cold, rainy spring that hasn’t begun yet.

Basically, its Jimmy Eat World in a nutshell and its brilliant.

I suggest you drop whatever you’re doing right now and have a listen to this:

FYI They’re playing Download festival this year if you’re going..

Have a great weekend!

RC xx

New Music Monday – Escape The Fate ‘You’re Insane’

It’s a bit of a late one tonight, oops! Guess I’ve been having too much fun this bank holiday weekend..
You’d be forgiven for thinking this next track sounds more than a little bit like Papa Roach’s ‘Scars’, with a bigger dose of anger thrown in. I’m not arguing, but this song gets my approval for the awesome guitar solo. Also the irrelevant snake at the beginning. (Honestly, there’s a reason I’ll never move to the desert!).

Luckily, Escape The Fate don’t seem too phased by the scaly reptiles, or the heat blasting out. Which is surprising seeing as they’re definitely not dressed for it. Anyway, it doesn’t stop them rocking out like the best of them!

Check out the new single ‘You’re Insane’ below. It’s out now..

For those of you who don’t know, Escape The Fate are a five piece metal band hailing from the sands of Las Vegas. Their new album ‘Ungrateful’ is out May 14 and they’ll be touring the USA from mid-April. Uk folks,  you can catch them at Download!

RC xx

Wednesday Wish List – Download Tickets

Did anyone else see the Download announcements today? I have to confess , I haven’t been in a long time. (And I’ve heard horror stories of bad weather in the last couple of years).
Looking at the line up though, it’s really starting to tempt me. Slipknot, The Gaslight Anthem, Queens of The Stobe Age, Enter Shikari.. and now Papa Roach too. I think those tickets will be going pretty fast.
If you haven’t got them already, they’re still going (for now) with prices from £170 for arena only, to £205 (ouch!) for 5 days camping. Fancy it? Grab your ticket http://www.downloadfestival.co.uk/tickets.
RC xx