Deftones – Romantic Dreams

So I’ve been a bit of a bad little rocker, haven’t I? I can’t believe I missed this epic single from Deftones when it first came out! ‘Romantic Dreams’ might not be the anthem that ‘Back To School’ is, but its still a classic in the making. Plus there’s a great accompanying video, featuring some impressive late-night skating.

Watch it now..

RC xx


Deftones New Video ‘Swerve City’

Right, so its New Music errr Friday today! I’m sure you’re looking for something upbeat to get you through those last few minutes / hours (hopefully not..) at work!

Here’s some great stuff that should put you in a better mood either way. The Deftones, arguably one of the greatest bands around (or so I’ve been told by many people around me..) have just released a new video for ‘Swerve City’.

Its Friday. Its the Deftones. There’s a horse. Be happy?

RC xx