New Music Monday: Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes (Explicit)

I usually try to avoid featuring the same bands, single after single, but I’m making an exception here. Fall Out Boy are continuing their, quite frankly, amazing rejuvenation with a bizzare new video for ‘Young Volcanoes’.

The track has an almost calypso beat, playfully floating along and marring hugely with the disturbing imagery. It’s somewhere between a eclectic pop-up dinner and Queens of the Stone Age‘s video for ‘Sick Sick Sick’.

‘We’ve already won’ sings Patrick Stump. Its true, they have. With songs like this, I won’t be the only one welcoming them back with open arms.

Check it out (if you’re over 18!) below:

RC xx

Tonight Alive new video ‘Breakdown’

You know summer’s just around the corner when the driving songs start coming out. It makes me quite sad that I no longer have a car to drive (can’t afford it / don’t need one in London). If I did have a car though, this song would be top of my list to blare out the windows on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I just caught the end of Tonight Alive at the Kerrang Tour in Brixton a few weeks ago. The Australian pop-punk 5 piece have been making waves with their energetic live shows, and habit of running around backstage completely naked (or so I’ve heard).

This lovely slice of rock-lite goodness features Benji Madden, of Good Charlotte fame. I don’t actually know what he’s up to these days, but its good to see him with a girl that’s not Paris Hilton.. As a disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that he’s dating lead singer Jenna McDougall. I have no idea about his personal life.

RC xx

New Music Monday: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sleepwalking’

Well after the storming ‘Shadow Moses’ video was released a few weeks ago, I’ve been eagerly awaiting more from Bring Me The Horizon‘s new album ‘Sempiternal’, out April 1. Just to show that the last single wasn’t a fluke, they’ve now released the equally chilling ‘Sleepwalking’.

The video is shot in the snow again, raising the question: did they shoot them all on one snowy day? Anyway, its pretty eerie and features the standard ghostly looking girl wandering about while the band perform to disinterested locals in a community centre-esque bar. Oh, and there’s some random shots of barbie dolls.

Track is awesome though.

You can pre-order Sempiternal from the band’s store here.

RC xx

New Bleed From Within Video ‘Uprising’

I’ll be honest, this one gets massive props from me just for the vague (and possibly unintentional) Crow film reference. See the flames? Bleed From Within clearly have some good movie collections..

Anyway, this is the title track from the Scottish metallers new album, due out on March 25. Even better news is the fact that you can download the single for free now, from the Century Media website. Oh, and did I mention the band are on tour with Heart of a Coward (groove metal, apparently) this April?

As usual, dates and locations are on Facebook.


RC xx 

New Music Monday – Rat Attack

On the genre section of Rat Attack‘s facebook page, it simply states ‘party punk’. After a few listens to their tracks online, it doesn’t seem like such a bad description really. Full of angry vocals, power chords and an underlying sense of fun, the Exeter four piece know how to make an impression.

‘Bad Catholic’ starts out with a glam-rock tale of girls, before plunging into a Papa Roach-esque screeching refrain. For a bit more of a taster, here’s their new video for ‘Heartbeat’, featuring the vocals of Liam Cronby (We Are The Ocean). If that’s not enough ,it also has a guy crowdsurfing in a crocodile costume. Now that’s not something you see everyday.

Download ‘Bad Catholic’ from the band’s soundcloud here. Or check their Facebook for more info and UK tour dates in March.

RC xx