Introducing: Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

Has a whole week gone by so fast?! Sorry folks, I’ve been busy in the non-digital world. Anyway, back to normal service, at least for a while..

Those of you who are fans of The Wonder Years (the pop-punk band, not the television series) should definitely already know about frontman Dan Campbell’s new project, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. Based on the sad tale of fictional character Aaron West, debut album ‘We Don’t Have Each Other’ is out on July 8th.

Watch the official video for first single ‘Divorce and the American South‘ below..

RC xx


Stream The Wonder Years’ New Album ‘Sleeping On Trash’

Philadelphia’s pop-punk 6-piece The Wonder Years are streaming their new album ‘Sleeping On Trash: A Collection of Songs Recorded 2005-2010’ on their YouTube channel. If you haven’t heard of the band before, this is a good opportunity to catch up on their past releases (and then you can pretend you’ve always been a fan..).

If you live in the States, you can catch them on tour with FireworksHostage Calm and Misser this March. They’ll also be hitting the road in the summer for the Vans Warped Tour (which I’ve always wanted to go to. Shame I live in the wrong country!). UK readers, they’re playing Slam Dunk Festival in May.

Here’s my favourite of the album tracks, ‘Zip Lock’. Think early New Found Glory at their best..

You can buy the collection here.

RC xx